Dystopian Futures: Low Arts EP

Last Monday, Dystopian Futures released their brand new EP Low Arts!

This EP is great for those who like creative and innovative music with better musicality or depth than whatever is on Top 40 radio. Dystopian Futures are also releasing this album for free or pay-what-you-want. If you want get some tunes, then feel free to download this album. Please chip in some money to them if you feel so inclined, so they can continue making some quality experimental punk rock. If you download this EP, you’ll also get the music video of the title track as a bonus! Here’s the video for those who haven’t seen it: https://vimeo.com/268278856.


Dystopian Futures Interview from The Antidote


Very recently, Dave Emmerson from Dystopian Futures was interviewed by The Antidote. He had some great insight for his current band. Dave also talks about the weaknesses of social media, rampant narcissism, and sci-fi. Shoot, I didn’t even know he was a fan of Dr. Strangelove. Hahaha! I thought this was a great interview and you should check it out.

Don’t forget that Dystopian Futures’s Low Arts EP comes out on 6/11/18 on http://zaprecords.bandcamp.com.

Check out the Fear EP: https://zaprecords.bandcamp.com/album/zap-033-fear-cs

Don’t forget, Dystopian Futures has a new music video for their Low Arts song. Yes, I worked on it and I threw in some stealth puns. Hee hee hee…

Dystopian Futures: Low Arts music video

Scottish band Dystopian Futures has a new music video to promote their upcoming EP called Low Arts! Sock puppets, post-punk, and stealth puns…OH MY!

Autumn Peal Media

It’s been a really long time since I have posted anything in this blog let alone making any videos. That changes today.

At this moment, I’ve released the music video for Dystopian Futures. This is the title track from their upcoming EP Low Arts. This was the first video I made that is in black and white. I had fun filming and editing as I threw in some stealth puns while also satirizing various current events.


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My First Interview As An Author by Jeannette Jonic!

So my friend and fellow author Jeannette interviewed me recently. For those of you familiar or not familiar with my literary works, you all should check it out regardless.

C. M. B. Bell's Writing Universe


Recently, I was interviewed by my friend and fellow author Jeannette Jonic. She posted a transcript of our conversation on her blog Fiction and Fantasy. Jeannette is such an awesome friend and I’m thankful that she wanted to talk to me after publishing 4 of my books. We had a good chat and I want everyone to check out and subscribe to her blog!

Don’t forget about the following.

Hollandus Landing is free or by donation on Noisetrade!

Kyvariz is $3.99!

Transparent Sabbath is $1.99!

Piteraq Dusk is $1.99

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My Reasons Why

My Reasons Why

This was a huge delay, but I need to make this post.

The wonderful Kimchisama created this award tag called My Reasons Why. This was innovative and something that can spread positivity around. I can certainly use some more substantive positivity, to be honest. Thanks, Kimchisama! I was honored when you nominated me and when you specifically mentioned how we had great conversations about different things on her blog.

Here are the rules for My Reasons Why:

1. Mention the person who nominated you

2. List 13 reasons why you keep going/living (This is borrowed from the book but I’m taking it the opposite direction).

3. Nominate 10 or more people to give their reasons why.

4. Use the picture that Kimchisama created as seen in this article.

Here we go!

1. My literary projects: When I got into writing stories 4 years ago, I realized that I had so much untapped creative potential. I finally got to release some of my books.

2. The Ospreyshire Project: This current spoken word/avant-garde music project I’ve been working on for 2 years has been a great creative progression.

3. My family: I’m glad that they support me and have helped me out.

4. My friends I still talk with: I’m glad to have some good friends who still want to reach out. Since I don’t have social media, this is huge and it lets me know who my real pals are.

5. Independent and foreign cinema: I’m glad there’s quality movies outside of Hollywood. That and I get to review them. Hee hee hee…

6. Books: I’m able to read things even if it’s mainly non-fiction.

7. Learning: Despite having a degree, I had to know that learning doesn’t end. That and I want to teach others about what I know.

8. Open-minded people: It’s amazing seeing people who actually care about others.

9. Miso soup: Okay, this is a superficial one, but I can’t say no to that soup especially on the rare occasions where I have Japanese food. Hahaha!

10. Being certified to teach adults: This was very unexpected, but I was able to get certified last December.

11. Geography: I enjoy learning about other countries and cultures.

12: The blogging community: I tackle tons of topics with all of my pages. It’s a miracle there are people actually interested in what I have to say.

13: My newfound assertiveness: I was always an internalizer, but blogging helped me express my feelings with people online and real life more often.

I hereby nominate the following:

The Zone of Nerders
Brandon Knoll
Joshua Stamper
Mechanical Anime Reviews
Joshua Hedlund

My books are available RIGHT NOW!

Kyvariz, Transparent Sabbath, and Piteraq Dusk are HERE!

C. M. B. Bell's Writing Universe

You heard right! Feel free to pick up my books!

Kyvariz [Sci-Fi/Comedy/Drama novel] for $3.99: https://www.books2read.com/u/3J0NYJ

Transparent Sabbath [Dark Fantasy/Horror/Action novelette] for $1.99: https://www.books2read.com/u/m2opj6

Piteraq Dusk [Arctic Punk/Adventure novelette] for $1.99: https://www.books2read.com/u/3nOgj8

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1 MORE DAY UNTIL MY BOOKS ARE RELEASED! (And a little info about Kyvariz)

TOMORROW IS THE BIG DAY! Kyvariz, Transparent Sabbath, and Piteraq Dusk will be released. Pre-order now!

C. M. B. Bell's Writing Universe

That’s right, everybody.

TOMORROW! Three of my books: Kyvariz, Transparent Sabbath, and Piteraq Dusk will be available for the reading public! Don’t forget to pre-order them. The links will be below.

Let’s talk about Kyvariz, shall we?

Kyvariz is technically my 2nd novel that I wrote back in 2014, but it’s my first traditional novel that’s published. This was my first Sci-Fi book and also my first ever entry to NaNoWriMo (short for National Novel Writing Month). During 2014, I got the author bug and began writing a ton of microfiction, short stories, and two novels with the first one being part of a much larger series I have planned. It was awesome accomplishing this contest where I had to write a 50k word book in a month’s time, and it ended up being this little story. I wanted to do something different with the Sci-Fi genre by having…

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Hollandus Landing got featured on NoiseTrade!

My book Hollandus Landing got spotlighted on NoiseTrade and it’s the #1 Top Download today!

C. M. B. Bell's Writing Universe

Today was a huge day for me in my author life.

NoiseTrade actually promoted my cell phone novel Hollandus Landing on their book page. At the time of this post, my little cell phone novel is #1 in the Top Downloads section for their books. I even saw a real-time feed of downloads and my own book showed up multiple times. This is so unreal to me. No platform has ever given me this kind of promotion before. This was something I did chapter by chapter for 6 months straight last year, and now I’m getting more readers.

I’m just flabbergasted and I don’t know what else I can say. I hope people enjoy this experimental piece of fiction.

Join the party and download Hollandus Landing at https://books.noisetrade.com/cmbbell/hollandus-landing!

Thanks, NoiseTrade!

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1 Week Until My Books Are Released! (And some info about Transparent Sabbath)


C. M. B. Bell's Writing Universe


That’s right, just one more week until my upcoming books are released to the public.

For this week, I’ll be talking a little bit about my other novelette Transparent Sabbath.

This particular novelette was my first time trying something with horror themes. It was a Camp NaNoWriMo project like Piteraq Dusk that I wrote back in 2016. This was originally titled Baptized in a Transparent Sabbath, but I decided to shorten it. I wanted to invert so many expectations with different tropes. One common thing I’ve been doing for this and other stories like another series I’ve been writing over the past 4 years is challenge the perception that beauty equals goodness. Wentworth has a scarred up face and scares the people he’s sworn to protect. However, some of the strongest villains look angelic yet do devilish things. I despite the notion that only pretty people are…

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