My Heart Is A Crater Music Video


I didn’t tell anyone this, but I wanted to make a video for my stuff. Here’s my debut music video for the track “My Heart Is A Crater.” Feel free to share this video around with your friends. This video was done by my DIY video production thingamabob known as Autumn Peal Media. There’s a blog involving that, too. Feel free to check that out with my video and photo projects.

Don’t forget that this is on my EP Verses V.S. Anhedonia which is on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music, and other digital retailers. And of course…



One thought on “My Heart Is A Crater Music Video

  1. Good thing you can’t watch your listeners’ faces. Mine was smiling too hugely. Yes, that crater idear invoked the moon, to be certain and I was almost wanting to finger your images like they were some curtain that piece of green cheese was winking twixt by halves. Fascinating idea, that. Mebbe Ps 107:8,9 fit? Thanks for sharing, me injoyed!


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