Katauta 52 Project

This is the big announcement. I’m going to do a year long project called Katauta 52. A katauta is a type of Japanese poetry style that uses 3 verses with a 5-7-7 syllabic form. Kind of like a haiku with two extra syllables.

Here are the rules of my project:

1: each song must have a katauta lyrics

2: there must be both spoken and sung lyrics

3: the song must be able to be played live should I have concerts

4: there is one song per week and it must be uploaded on Wednesday

5: no more than 5 notes in the instrumentation

Hope this works.


One thought on “Katauta 52 Project

  1. Ooh! I love, love, LOVE this!!!! [sorry about the mad collection of exclamation points], and I never knew you played the piano! Wowers. This is a veritable treat. I feel rather like hugging myself, smiling too hugely. *sigh* this will make either Wednesdays or else the weekend all the more delectable unless I’m too short of time to indulge. Thank you so very much!


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