Katauta 52 Project #2

This is week 2 in my little katauta project. This time, I used some synth sounds for this piece. Maybe I wanted to be like Joy Electric from a musical standpoint, I don’t know.



2 thoughts on “Katauta 52 Project #2

  1. Aw, you make me smile too hugely, until I can’t wipe the silly smile off my face, especially with a stuffed Kimba the white lion staring viewers in the face whiles you keep yours hidden, intoning this latest with wonted vehemence and a winsome bit of singing, ya, I’m enjoying this way too much! Thank you so much for sharing.


    • I knew you would make a comment about the stuffed Kimba toy on the keyboard. Hahaha! I actually got it on eBay from a Japanese seller, and it’s official merchandise for the Saitama Seibu Lions baseball team, so he’s wearing the uniform.

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