Friendship Friday: James Silas

This Friendship Friday post is about a British buddy of mine by the name of James Silas.

He’s an experimental folk artist from Newcastle-via-Manchester, England. I’ve known him since he was in his previous band Watercolour and enjoyed his music since then. His first solo album The Man in the Snow White Cell is quite good and it was recorded with James in a makeshift sensory-depriving “prison” where he recorded all the instruments.

Check out his stuff at


2 thoughts on “Friendship Friday: James Silas

  1. You and your British friends, la, this is another charming performance, easily discernable and all the more fun with their almost deceptively simple percussion, the entire visual mayhap more entertaining to me than it meant to be. His name reminds me of George Eliot’s winsome character, whether or not that is applicable. Thank you much for this pretty introduction.


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