Katauta 52 Project #5

I can’t believe I did it. I busted out the ukulele on this one.

My mind is still boggled by this decision to make minimalist music under the Ospreyshire name with one of the happiest sounding instruments ever made.

Oh, the things I do for whoever bothers to watch or listen…


2 thoughts on “Katauta 52 Project #5

  1. Aw, this was too charmingly rendered, and likewise too short. I do love me a good bit of ukulele music and this served the purpose, if not whetting me appetite for more. *sigh* Thank you very much.


    • Thanks. The ukulele is one of my favorite instruments to play even though the Ospreyshire project doesn’t normally involve that instrument. It sounds too happy compared to most of the content I write. I want to work on atypical and complex chords to make it sound more unique and possibly darker.

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