Unique Blogger Award (My first award!)

Unique Blogger Award
Well, I legitimately didn’t see this one coming.

I was awarded this Unique Blogger Award from a blogger named Irina.

Thanks, Irina! I really appreciate it.

In order for this thing to work, I must do the following:

-Mention the blogger who nominated me while linking them.
-Nominate 8-13 other people.
-Answer questions from the person who nominated me.
-Give three questions to those I have nominated.

I know this award was for my work at Iridium Eye where I review lesser-known movies, documentaries, anime, short films, international movies, art house cinema and other films of that nature that aren’t getting the Hollywood treatment. http://iridiumeye.wordpress.com

I’d like to nominate the following bloggers:
1. Jeannette Jonic
2. Lauren Mann & The Fairly Odd Folk
3. Jon Spencer Reviews
4. Peach’s Almanac
5. Through Open Lens
6. Rodrovich’s Anime Blog
7. The Pantless Anime Blogger
8. Hikeminded
9. Mechanical Anime Reviews
10. Sarah Doughty

I hope you all appreciate that!

Here are the questions I was asked by Irina.

1. What post was your favorite to write and why?
Well, I have multiple blogs. I’ll give you an answer for all of my pages.

Ospreyshire’s Realm: It was when I made a video for the “My Heart Is A Crater” track from my debut EP “Verses Vs. Anhedonia”. Here’s a link to the video.

Autumn Peal Media (Photography/Videography): That’s tricky. It would be some of my Ecuador photos such as when I visited Quito or parts of the Andes Mountains.

C. M. B. Bell Fiction: That would be my currently ongoing cell phone novel Hollandus Landing. This has been a huge undertaking for me as I write this story with 40 different perspectives with 200 words or less per chapter.

Iridium Eye: My two favorite reviews I wrote would be a very close tie between the documentary Hate Crimes In The Heartland and the 60s anime series Kimba the White Lion.

Hate Crimes In The Heartland is the first documentary and American film I’ve given a 10/10 points to. It’s a very powerful film that deals with the tragedies of the Black Wall Street Massacre and the Good Friday Murders in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I thought it was amazing how they got survivors from the former event that happened in 1921 while also having a narrative that focuses not just on the racial impact, but also the economic one without politicizing everything.

Kimba the White Lion was a fun anime to review despite being way older than the other anime series I’ve critiqued. Even though it’s super old-school, I was really impressed with how much depth there was and how they handle various issues in a G-rated way. This and the last review allowed me to be very honest and brave with my opinions. I didn’t think it was a perfect series especially with some of the meddling in the English dub with a couple of storyline changes, but it was still a good watch. If you’ve heard of Kimba, yes…I do give my 2 cents on the infamous “Lion Controversy” as well. Feel free to check out these reviews and my other ones, too.

2. Is there a subject you would like to write about but haven’t quite figured out how to do it yet?

I’ve thought about a few, but I don’t know which blog I could post them on or what format it could be. I’ve thought of little essays involving media theories, connecting films and anime to various social issues (without looking like an SJW), some music-based posts, and even posting some poetry outside of my ongoing Katauta 52 Project.

3. What was the last random thing that made you happy?

This happened yesterday, actually. At my day job, I was feeling beat after doing so much work quickly to the best of my ability. One of my managers saw this and gave me an iced coffee as a token of appreciation. It really made me smile.

Now that I’ve answered Irina’s questions, I’ve got questions for those of you whom I nominated.

1. What was the bravest article you’ve posted on your blog(s)?
2. Which creative hobby would you most like to try? (keep the answers civil, please)
3. If your blog was a meal or dish, what would it taste like?

Alright. That was a fun post and this award did brighten my day despite me not posting about it sooner.

Have a wonderful day.




15 thoughts on “Unique Blogger Award (My first award!)

  1. I enjoyed reading your answers. Thank you for the nomination as well, but I just got nominated and did answers for this earlier in the week. However, I do appreciate it and don’t want to leave your answers unattended so here goes:

    1. The lazy answer would be my first article ever (Last Exile review) but a better answer would be for any of my super negative reviews. I tend to be pretty positive on the site so anytime I rail into something I feel a bit bad because I know that people typically enjoy whatever I didn’t. A good example of that is my Grimgar post.

    2. Hmm creative hobby I haven’t tried huh? I really don’t know what I haven’t tried yet. I’ve done photography a bit (won some contests), pottery, poetry (won some more stuff there), instruments, etc… Before the blog I was a professional magician who did street, parlor, and stage shows. Later I even picked up some non-traditional juggling like match boxes and devil sticks. My point being I’m a weirdo who has tried a lot of things so from what I haven’t tried, maybe calligraphy? I have never done that before but my hands are so unsteady I doubt I’d be any good XD

    3. My blog would be a gumbo if it were food. Why? Well that’s easy! I have multiple writers and cover a wide variety of topics. With so many different “ingredients” and “cooks” it’s the only thing we could be and still come out tasting great! πŸ™‚

    Again, thank you for the nomination and sorry about having to decline writing this out as a special article but I hope you enjoyed my answers any way. Have a great rest of your day as well!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you very much. I’m glad I had some good answers to Irina’s questions. Haha!

      1. Last Exile? Oh man, I haven’t seen that anime in over a decade. I remember liking it and I was surprised that they made a sequel of all things. It’s good being positive. I try to be like that for my stuff despite my bouts of jadedness and cynicism, so good on you.

      2. That’s awesome how you’ve done all that stuff! Calligraphy could be fun especially if you’re incorporating it to languages with different alphabets.

      3. That’s a really good explanation with your blog being gumbo. I thought I’d pull off a silly question like that to see everyone’s answers.

      No problem. I really liked your answers and I thank you for commenting on this post.

      Liked by 1 person

      • No problem, I enjoy answering questions like this πŸ™‚

        1. Yeah, Last Exile is pretty great. The sequel has an interesting history, which I wrote abut. Basically, Gonzo needed something to prevent them from going bankrupt so they tried leaning on a successful property.

        2. That would be really cool! Maybe I’ll get around to it, though there is no way I could right now.

        3. I thought so too, glad to have a silly question. You need one like that I think for these things πŸ™‚

        Liked by 1 person

      • Sure thing.

        1. That’s something I should re-watch. I didn’t know Gonzo was almost bankrupt. That shows how much I was unaware with the anime business in the early 10s. The most recent Gonzo show I watched was Bokurano.

        2. Definitely. You should give it a try.

        3. I agree. I believe one silly random question can make things great.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Bokurano is really good! I liked that one a fair bit, but I also just like darker content in general. Gonzo has a weird history, if you ever research it like I have, you’ll discover all these weird tidbits.


      • You’ve seen Bokurano, too? That’s awesome. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen it. I do like darker stuff whether it’s animated or live-action. That’s interesting about Gonzo’s history. My favorite anime I’ve seen from that company would be Gankutsuou.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yup! I’ve seen a lot more older stuff than newer stuff. The more obscure it is the more likely I’ve seen it too (within reason of course, I don’t watch just /anything/).

        Ah, that was from their period where they were doing weird adaptations of classic literature. They also did Romeo and Juliet (that one is hilariously bad but in a good way). Gankutsuou was very creative and I liked that they shifted the perspective away from The Count to add some mystery.


      • Nice! I guess you’re like me in that aspect. Hahaha! I’m glad I can talk to people about lesser-known anime from time to time.

        That’s true. I never saw Romeo X Juliet, but I’ve heard things that it was so bad, it’s good. Gankutsuou was really good and has one of the most creative visuals I’ve seen in animation. They didn’t just focus on classic literature with these futuristic remakes, it was also around the time they made Samurai 7 which I still haven’t seen, but one of my friends who’s a big Akira Kurosawa fan said it was good in it’s own right.

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      • Oh yeah of course, any time, always happy to chat πŸ™‚

        Samurai 7 is actually based on some classic lit if you didn’t know. They made three shows before abandoning that avenue. Gonzo is just a weird studio but I’ve liked almost every single show I’ve seen from them.


      • No problem.

        I check on the original Seven Samurai, and I saw that it was an original screenplay by Akira Kurosawa. I forgot if it was based on a preexisting story or not, so I had to be sure. Of course the original movie is great. Gonzo has made some good stuff.

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