Katauta #45

I had a great conversation with my friend Jeannette the other day with how I was able to feel more confident in my interests and how blogging has allowed me to be more assertive with people in regards to my opinions.

The imagery I chose for this poem involves some movies and memorabilia in my small collection even though it’s not all of it.

Hope you enjoyed that poem.

6 thoughts on “Katauta #45

    • Thank you so much, Raistlin. I appreciate you checking out the video. Yeah, that Battle Royale shirt was sweet and I agree with it being a great movie. I do confess to making jokes around some people by saying “You know, Battle Royale is kind of like The Hunger Games except it’s Japanese, way more brutal, bloodier, and by the way…it came first.” I was surprised by how well some people have taken that comment. Haha!

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      • Yup. More like that and steroids. Hahaha! One of my buddies who’s a hardcore fan of Battle Royale told me about that recent Battlegrounds game and he laughed because he called it “The Ultimate Battle Royale rip-off experience.” It’s funny how you have THG, The Condemned, The Belko Experiment and all these other things that came after it. Yes, I know you have The Running Man that predates it, but I still think the situation is funny.

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    • I see. I’m happy you feel confident in your hobbies and reviews. The thing is I used to be bullied for liking anime when I was younger and I could barely find anyone who knew about non mainstream movies. Those interests have been revived these past couple of years and it’s been stronger since I reviewed stuff on Iridium Eye. Sure, I get some flack for liking Battle Royale and Kimba the White Lion sometimes, but I do my best to not let it bother me.

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