The #Epic18Tale Project Begins!

Here’s a literary project I’m doing with the TaleHunt app with 18 word stories.

C. M. B. Bell's Writing Universe

Starting today, I’m going to be more active on TaleHunt.

My current project on that app is the #Epic18Tale. They will be eighteen word stories that will be posted on there daily. This would be easy because of the word count, but difficult in a way because I have to tell a complete story with so little words.

If you have TaleHunt, then follow me @tocsinchronicle.

If you don’t have TaleHunt, then you can download that app for free on your smartphone. TaleHunt is kind of like Twitter, but with microfiction stories 250 characters or less.

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4 thoughts on “The #Epic18Tale Project Begins!

    • Really? Nice! I got into flash fiction years ago, but I never started posting it online until last year when I started my fiction blog. TakeHunt has been great where I can post these tiny stories and read other’s works. Like I said, I see it as Twitter, but with stories instead of online drama and celebrity worship.



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