Katauta #49

I uncovered an instrument I haven’t played in years. This is none other than the melodica, ladies and gentlemen. Interesting fact about this instrument: it was also used in the song “Clint Eastwood” by the Gorillaz.

I decided to give myself more constraints by having an entirely alliterative poem with all the words starting with C.

4 thoughts on “Katauta #49

    • Thanks! There’s a big difference. For starters, melodicas are much smaller and involve the musician blowing on it with a tube or mouthpiece to get the sounds out. Accordions are larger and there’s a billow on the inside, so people can sing and play that instrument at the same time. An interesting fact about the melodica is that when that instrument was invented, they used to be used in classrooms where the students would use that to figure out the notes and chords before “graduating” to a real piano.

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