An Avalanche of Creativity

This has been an eventful month for me to say the least.

In addition to my normal work life outside of blogging, I’ve been on the grind in regards to creating things. I just finished my Katauta 52 Project last Wednesday which was an accomplishment, been working hard at publishing some of my fiction projects, and I’ve been in talks with some people for some cool projects (stay tuned).

While it’s been fun creating things like music, literature, reviewing and other things, I do admit that I have gotten overwhelmed at times. Part of it is a huge drive with me trying to accomplish as many goals as possible this. Another aspect is me trying to find time whenever I can to make content here, my blogs, and other avenues. I just hope I can do everything that I can while getting enough sleep. Granted, two of my other blogs are on hiatus until some of that content will be on full display.

Have you ever felt this way before? I just don’t want to overwork myself.

4 thoughts on “An Avalanche of Creativity

  1. Congratulations for all of your accomplishments! It’s awesome that you’ve been creating so much this past month, just don’t overwork yourself, personal life and health are always more important than work or blogging uwu

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  2. It is good that you are looking back and seeing everything that you have accomplished. I think that is the first step of getting through the slog. I’m in the dead zone of submitting to agents and then starting book 2 and trying to not to stall out. I think that it is also this time of year. The days are still short and the sun isn’t out as much. Keep moving forward. You never know where these small steps will take you, and even if we aren’t creating we think about it and that is something too!

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