Ospreyshire Interview w/ The Antidote!


For those of you that missed the broadcast, Dave Hawkins from The Antidote archived the audio from that podcast!

In this interview, I talk about how I got the name Ospreyshire, my music, creativity, some spiritual stuff, blogging, anime, and even a HUGE announcement for future projects.

Thanks, Dave!

6 thoughts on “Ospreyshire Interview w/ The Antidote!

  1. It was great listening to your interview. Learned lots about you! You’re really great at talking. And by the way, I’d totally listen to “Ospreyshire gone J-pop.” XD
    And an album!! Looking forward to reading about it.

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    • Thanks, Moyatori! I felt like I talked too fast at multiple times when I heard my own voice in hindsight. Hahaha! A J-pop album would be hilarious, yet highly unlikely. I’m down with referencing anime and Japanese movies in future songs here and there. Writing a new album would be fun.

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