Shame on Starbucks #BoycottStarbucks

I normally don’t make posts like this on any of my blogs, but I’ve been so disgusted lately that I just have to talk about it.

Some of you who have followed me here or any of my other blogs should know that I cannot stand racism. As a minority myself, I’ve been profiled at shops and restaurants before even though I was buying something. I hear about the crap going on at Starbucks as seen in these first two videos here and I’m just sickened by it. In 2018, discrimination still exists. No one regardless of race or ethnicity should be treated poorly because of their skin color. I’m not going to let companies disrespect people just because I don’t look like most people in America.

Fortunately, boycotts are easy if you think about it. All you have to do is NOT spend money. No need to go out on the streets, vote, or causing a ruckus. What you can do is to support your local coffee shop businesses (bonus points if they carry Fair Trade products). You get to invest in your community and help your hometown’s local economy.

Until they change, then I’m not giving a penny to Starbucks.

6 thoughts on “Shame on Starbucks #BoycottStarbucks

  1. Racism and discrimination should not be allowed anywhere, but I don’t think it is right to boycott Starbucks based on what happened in those videos. I have never worked at Starbucks (though I sure want to), but I am fairly certain they do not have official policies saying that “Black people can’t go to the washroom, but White people can.” If they do, then that’s a sound reason to boycott them.
    Individuals do not represent the business across the board, unless you want to say that “all Starbucks employees are racist,” which in itself is a prejudiced statement. I’ve been served by the loveliest people at Starbucks, and when/if I work there, I would surely not treat Black people any differently.
    Racist jerks can exist in supermarkets, schools, political offices, and of course, Starbucks. Conversely, friendly and respectful people can exist in all of these places as well. So far, there has not been enough evidence for me to say that the majority of Starbucks employees are racist jerks.

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    • I’m glad we can agree that racism and discrimination shouldn’t be tolerated anywhere, but I’m going to have to respectfully disagree with you on some issues.

      They obviously wouldn’t have bathroom policies written as part of company or store policy, but that was a clear double standard that could be grounds for a discrimination lawsuit or at the very least having whoever employees fired for their actions.

      I have never said or implied that all Starbucks branches and/or their employees are racist. I do appreciate you wanting to treat customers the same regardless of ethnicity, but not everyone operates that way whether their biases are overt or covert. Even though I’ve personally never been discriminated at Starbucks, I have been discriminated at multiple places in my life. There were times where I was followed around and some people treated me worse than people lighter-skinned than me. Also, one guy who I met in Jacksonville, Florida who recently came back from the military personally asked me if I was an American citizen and didn’t ask my Caucasian friend who was with me at the time. Never mind I was born and raised in Illinois and having both parents being Americans as well even if they are different colors. I know I can pass as multiple ethnic groups, but I found that to be ignorant to say the least.

      You won’t get a disagreement out of me by saying that racist jerks can be everywhere. I’ve seen it and dealt with it for a good portion of my life. If I see it in real life, online, or in the media I consume (books, movies, and even anime), then I will call it out. I just want people to be held accountable for their words and actions. What does concern me is not enough people calling out those who do or say bigoted things.

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      • I wouldn’t suggest that you think all Starbucks employees are racist either, because I know you to be better than that, but I think an action like boycotting Starbucks as a brand could imply that. If you refuse to go to any Starbucks store at all, and not just the stores featured in the videos, that seems to me to send the message that you dislike Starbucks as a whole for racism. I still don’t think the company itself should be blamed for the misconduct of some employees; it would certainly be a nice gesture if Starbucks apologized for it, but I don’t think they are obligated to do so.
        I appreciate your advocating for equality though!


      • I certainly haven’t accused every person from that establishment of having racist pretensions, and I’m glad you can see that. However, the issue is much bigger than just one company. Situations aren’t just random isolated incidents. These are patterns that are done to minorities that go back generations.

        I decided to wait before I responded as I got more updates to the story. From what I know now, the CEO did apologize on TV and personally flew from Seattle to Philly (the location of the two Black men being arrested in the first video) to personally talk to them. Good on him for that. There was some action taken with a cultural sensitivity training class that will happen at American Starbucks locations in May. That’s well and good, but I do question it a little with it just being a one-day event that will happen in the afternoon where it’s not as busy as the morning. I’m just weighing the pros and cons from my research.

        Thank you. I do want there to be equality and it’s also one big passion of mine especially when it comes to looking at international cinema and for making diverse casts in my fiction projects.

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