8 thoughts on “Hollandus Landing returns tomorrow!

      • That’s fine. I’m just thankful that some people are actually reading it. Okay, it was first serialized on my fiction blog, but at least the reading experience will be more streamlined in an ebook form than just blog posts. Feel free to take your time reading it. I understand having to deal with school work. Have you ever read or heard of cell phone novels before?

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      • I’ve definitely heard of them, but never actually read one, what with still not owning a cellphone and all.
        But yeah, I’ll let you know what I think once I’m done~

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      • Gotcha. I was just curious since it is a niche form of literature here, but I heard it’s way more popular in Asia (especially Japan and China from what I know). Funny enough, you don’t necessarily need a cell phone to write a cell phone novel. Let’s say if you want to write one on a blog, you can just use your computer as long as you type chapters that are 70-200 words long each while adding up to a bigger story. I’ve been enjoying this form of writing, but I never did it the “official” way until last hear when I showed my fiction online. Maybe you could give it a try sometime.

        Sweet! Let me know when you finish it.

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