Pre-Order My Next Three Books!

My next three books are coming out on May 18th. Feel free to pre-order them if you so choose.

C. M. B. Bell's Writing Universe

Hey there, everyone!

I recently set pre-orders for three of my books. All of them will be released on May 18th. Here’s the scoop on the next three books.


In the far-flung future, humanity has escaped earth’s decaying state and fled to the stars via quasarships. One such ship had reached a planet called Nesotauri which could support human life and the humans settled in a ghost town named Kyvariz.

One cook at a local restaurant in Kyvariz named Izzy is busy living life with his job and rooming with his friend Carmichael until someone stange enters the town. A native Nesotaurian woman named Naryxi shows up and this was the first contect between species. However, fear sets in the town and trouble is afoot as a massive kidnapping takes place. What can Izzy and his friends to to stop the madness both in and outside of the town?

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