1 MORE DAY UNTIL MY BOOKS ARE RELEASED! (And a little info about Kyvariz)

TOMORROW IS THE BIG DAY! Kyvariz, Transparent Sabbath, and Piteraq Dusk will be released. Pre-order now!

C. M. B. Bell's Writing Universe

That’s right, everybody.

TOMORROW! Three of my books: Kyvariz, Transparent Sabbath, and Piteraq Dusk will be available for the reading public! Don’t forget to pre-order them. The links will be below.

Let’s talk about Kyvariz, shall we?

Kyvariz is technically my 2nd novel that I wrote back in 2014, but it’s my first traditional novel that’s published. This was my first Sci-Fi book and also my first ever entry to NaNoWriMo (short for National Novel Writing Month). During 2014, I got the author bug and began writing a ton of microfiction, short stories, and two novels with the first one being part of a much larger series I have planned. It was awesome accomplishing this contest where I had to write a 50k word book in a month’s time, and it ended up being this little story. I wanted to do something different with the Sci-Fi genre by having…

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