Dystopian Futures: Low Arts EP

Last Monday, Dystopian Futures released their brand new EP Low Arts!

This EP is great for those who like creative and innovative music with better musicality or depth than whatever is on Top 40 radio. Dystopian Futures are also releasing this album for free or pay-what-you-want. If you want get some tunes, then feel free to download this album. Please chip in some money to them if you feel so inclined, so they can continue making some quality experimental punk rock. If you download this EP, you’ll also get the music video of the title track as a bonus! Here’s the video for those who haven’t seen it: https://vimeo.com/268278856.

6 thoughts on “Dystopian Futures: Low Arts EP

      • It was very well done. I like the theme of the puppet and maybe people also being puppets or I may have went too deep with that image ha.
        Sometimes I think as a writer that there really is no original ideas, but different ways to tell the same stories. It is interesting to think about what really is originality. There is always something that does inspire us to make something. Heck one of my characters in book two is inspired by a meme… ha. Don’t know if I should admit that…

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      • Thanks! That is actually an unintentional interpretation of the sock puppet, and I can see the logic in it. Hahaha!

        There are certainly different ways to tell the same story which I do agree with as one writer talking to another. However, I do believe there is originality that is untapped out there, but people need to actually try. It also bugs me when people get complacent and just blatantly copy things without acknowledging it which explains one certain piece of text and the pictures that precede the punchline. That’s funny how a meme inspired a character. Some of my characters are actually stealth parodies. Haha!

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