A Racist Idiot Goes to Uganda

[Warning: The above video contains strong language, racial slurs, violence, and making genocidal threats against Ugandans]

The level of stupidity is freaking mind-blowing, but I’m no longer surprised especially in this sociopolitical climate.

So there’s this pastor named Jimmy Taylor from Arizona who was there to do some missionary work in Uganda. While he was in Kampala (the capital and largest city), this Jimmy Taylor ignoramus freaks out and goes on a racial tirade while also assaulting a hotel employee. Thankfully, he got arrested in Kampala where he will be tried.

Anyone who knows me knows that I cannot stand racism. Whether it’s posting on here, my fiction projects, or even my film and anime reviews, should know that I don’t play around with that crap. I’ve lived through it, been discriminated, and I know I’ve been treated worse than my Caucasian counterparts in my life.

It was painful watching that video, and I had ambivalent feelings about Francis (the victim) dealing with Jimmy Taylor. I get that the employers may have fired him if he dared to fight back, but if that were me, then I would be so tempted to throw hands to defend myself. Come on, everyone. If the races were reversed and if some Ugandan guy decided to insult some Caucasians in America and assaulted the staff, he would be beaten or even killed by the police and that’s a fact. The level of entitlement and arrogance from Jimmy Taylor just sickens me. Why aren’t more people speaking out against this bigot?

The people of Africa did a great job for making this video go viral and Dr. Mumbi Seraki did a great story about this on her YouTube channel. I’ve certainly learned more about African news and culture watching her stuff online. People need to call out these racists.

14 thoughts on “A Racist Idiot Goes to Uganda

  1. In my opinion, no one can say they believe in God and at the same time, believe that God did not create all men in his image. I happened upon a Baptist believer once who said that his wife (a nurse) told him that all Black and bi-racial babies are born with a spot on their backs where tails used to grow. I asked him if he believes that man evolved from apes or that God created man in his image? He turned red, stuttered, and with that I walked away. I don’t think they recognize their own hypocrisy until it hits them.

    Thanks for a very informative post.

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    • That was well-said, Xena.

      WOW! That is sad that anyone would believe something so fallacious when it comes to Black and biracial babies. I know I didn’t have a spot or a tail ever in my life. The level of idiocy is maddening.

      You’re welcome and thank you for checking out the post and video. Those Ugandans deserve so much better.

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  2. Curtis the video pissed me off mainly because that racist Pastor Jimmy Taylor went to Uganda to verbally and physically accost the Ugandans and claim he was Jesus Christ. He’s imprisoned, but that’s too good for him IMO. I hope he gets taught a good lesson there.

    Francis, the black man in the video, must have felt very small having to absorb the abuse of a white a*hole who called himself a man of god. The Ugandan government should make it an international issue. The racist pastor Jimmy Taylor should be fired. And Uganda should end the relationship with evangelicals. They are not teaching about God but instead attempting to brain-wash uneducated Africans into submission and self-hate. If the racist pastor Jimmy Taylor did that in public imagine what he did in private.

    Btw, Why do Indians have so much power in Uganda?
    Hearing the Ugandan police were hesitant to arrest this racist a*hole was disappointing. Sad the Uganda government don’t love their people if they allow racists to come to their country and abuse Ugandans.

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    • I don’t blame you for feeling that way. Trust me, I was furious watching that clip, too. Shame on him for having this Messiah Complex, too.

      Of course. That is one extreme form of what I’ve heard as mental colonization. Sure, Uganda has technically been independent from the UK since 1962, but they’ve had puppets ruling that country (Idi Amin, anyone?) after the fact. There must’ve been dehumanization in the media over there, too. That partially ties into what you said about how some “missionaries” brainwashing the Ugandans. Yes, I’m aware that Christianity is the majority religion in that country, but they need to vet these pastors coming over there. I can only imagine what Jimmy Taylor did in private.

      Good question, and I had to do some research on that subject. For starters, Indians are the biggest non-African ethnic group in that country. The Indian-Ugandans started out as intermediaries between Uganda and the British Crown (England brought them into the country). After independence, they made their own businesses in finance, trade, etc. Crazy enough, the richest man in Uganda is an Indian investor and mogul Sudhir Ruparelia who is a multi-millionaire. Since part of his company involves hotels, I wonder if that same hotel where the incident took place was one of Ruparelia’s chains.


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