Fandom Hypocrisy (A Rant)

This has been on my mind for a while, and I need to get this off my chest. I can’t stand various fandoms at times. Whether they are gamers, sports fans, otaku, music buffs, movie fans, comic nerds, bookworms, or whatever, they can get on my nerves.

It’s no wonder why I haven’t been getting into some of my own interests outside of non-fiction or my own creative projects and it’s not just because of how crazy busy my work schedule has been for months now.

I know not all fans are like this and I do support some bloggers who touch on some of those topics, so let me make that clear. However, I’m just frustrated and disillusioned by so many people and how shallow they can be. You have all these major issues going on like racism, the economy, politics, police brutality, homelessness, and other social ills going on, yet people complain about just trivial things with what they like/or don’t like in what they watch/play/listen to.

It also bugs me how people have freaking civil wars over movies, TV shows, or albums as if their whole identity is tied into whatever is to their liking, and that needs to stop. On one hand, you have people who think what they like is immaculate and the creators can do no wrong while freaking out that anyone would DARE dislike or mention some flaws. On the flipside, those same people will bash anything and everything from one creator as if they’re always in the wrong. Whenever someone does mention something like an unfortunate implication or having bad messages, some fans freak out and say “They [the creators] didn’t mean it!” as they try to hand-wave something away. It doesn’t change the fact that those actions were still done and/or could easily be interpreted in that fashion.

I do apologize if I get a bit theological here, but I think some fandoms could be intense enough to be a form of idolatry. Regardless whether you believe in a deity or not, it really becomes ironic. Instead of some Baals or Molochs, you could have someone like a theist replacing their god(s) with let’s say…superheroes, video games, or whatever’s on HBO. For those who aren’t sure about any higher powers out there or believe that said higher powers are fictional, then wouldn’t it be ironic to follow something involving fictional characters like most movies or TV shows and be obsessed with them? I’m not bashing anyone’s worldviews, so let me make that clear. I’m just wondering why and how people do these things or why they can excuse they’re own behaviors.

The level of stupidity and pettiness from these rapid and hypocritical fans has been getting on my nerves. You’re entitled to your opinions, but this self-righteousness needs to stop now. I can’t stand the double standards whether it involves anything revolving around “nerdy stuff” or to something as severe as racism or politics. I suggest to re-examine your thoughts and beliefs to what you like or dislike and figure out why you’re so willing to attack or defend depending on your positions.

Seriously, I can name a few examples of some fandom hypocrisy online and in real life. Allow me to call out some of this facepalm-worthy behavior…

Don’t say that something has too many people dying when you like Game of Thrones, Evangelion, or watch a lot of war movies.

Don’t tell me that such-and-such is a rip-off of so-and-so when you like The Lion King, Inception, or even some of Led Zeppelin’s music.

Don’t tell me that something is too biased politically when you like Last Man Standing, Glee, or you get your news from either MSNBC or Fox News depending on where you stand with your partisan beliefs.

Don’t tell me that something is too violent and bloody while you like Attack on Titan, Mortal Kombat, or a majority of Tarantino flicks.

Don’t bark at me when you think something’s too mainstream when you like St. Vincent (the singer), Bon Iver, or Juno.

Don’t tell me something is childish when you watch anything from Disney or Dreamworks. Actually, one could make a case that adult cartoons like South Park, Family Guy, or Bojack Horseman are juvenile in their own rights.

This needs to end. I know this blog was mainly for my music and spoken word project even though I haven’t recorded a lot lately, but I’m still willing to share my opinions about various things going on. People really need to check their priorities when it comes to what they like and how they live. Thanks for reading and dealing with my frustration.

8 thoughts on “Fandom Hypocrisy (A Rant)

  1. “but I think some fandoms could be intense enough to be a form of idolatry. ”

    That’s an interesting perspective. It’s easy to see the rise of intolerance and the embrace of non-factual source of information. It’s easy to lament how so many political “leaders” have embraced tactics and concepts that are clearly repetitions of some really dark times of our recent past.

    What’s not easy is to see _why_. Proximate causes, sure — dissatisfaction with political representation, inflammation of old prejudices, and the like. But in my experience, there has to be a root — something that we can trace and understand.

    The idea that this might be related to idolatry has given me a completely new idea to explore…

    Thanks for that!

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    • Thank you very much, Terrance!

      That’s a good observation with the correlation of the rise of intolerance, the current sociopolitical climate, and how people deal with (mis)information. It really bleeds into politics and into various hobbies. Even from an apolitical perspective, you have fans and detractors declaring scorched earth policy over everything on whether something is good, bad, making excuses, and of course…name calling and ad hominems.

      Oh, yeah. I’ve seriously noticed that people may unintentionally treat whatever they like as replacements for deities whether they know it or not.

      No problem, and I’m glad I inspired you. Also, thanks for promoting the article!

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  3. Thank you! These things need to be said! I tend to stay away from certain fandoms after only reading a few comments. When people read books or watch TV shows they always bring in a bit of themselves. That is what makes art so great! It doesn’t become great when people start to tell others that their feelings and opinions are stupid and then start judging them for having different thoughts than they do.
    Great words and how we treat certain topics they do become like idols. I can see that. I hope that I remember to check myself always before stating an opinion. I guess above all else can I remember that no matter what am I being kind.

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    • You’re welcome. I’m glad you enjoyed my take on that issue.

      I really don’t blame you for feeling that way by avoiding certain fandoms. Not going to name names, but I would see some really toxic comments and insults thrown around just for people talking about a show, movie or book! What’s wrong with people these days? I certainly agree with media being a way to reflect someone when it’s well-written though. I’ve certainly dealt with people bullying me for what I liked and even judging me for what I didn’t like in real life.

      Thanks, Kimchisama. I’m glad you can see how fandoms can become idols of sorts. Even I have to keep what I like in check because I’ve been close to thinking that way. I wish more people were kind in general.

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  5. If you want to see some bad fans, check out the Megami Tensei fandom. I’m a part of it, but I really don’t get why we have factions and sub-factions that love some games and hate others because they’re “too casual” or “too difficult” or so on. Preferences are one thing, but maligning the fans of certain games just because is another. I’ve probably been guilty of doing the gatekeeping thing at some point in my life, and I regret it if I did. It’s all about enjoyment; the rest doesn’t matter.

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    • Thanks for commenting on my article! I’m not too familiar with that fandom, but I’m sorry to hear about those aspects of it. I’ve seen other fandoms have different sects and factions or bashing certain games for their difficulty or lack thereof. I certainly hope I’ve never came across like that to others in different media. It’s frustrating being bashed for what I like and even for what I don’t like, so I had to call out those different things in this post.

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