More Racist Crap Afflicts Africa (Kenya and Uganda [once again])

This just never stops, does it?

I recently heard about these stories when I did more research on African news.

This first story involves Kenya. As you may or may not know, China has been doing business in several African countries. This idiot who calls himself a businessman named Liu Jiaqi decides to bash Kenya, their president, and dares to call the people “monkeys”. Thank God, the government had enough sense to deport his sorry behind back to where he came from. Devils like him have no business in Africa. I also noticed how he was silent about the Kenyan guy asking why he didn’t want to do business in America or Europe. You know very well Jianqi would NEVER pull that mess on White people, and that’s a fact.

The second story involves Uganda again. Some of you might remember a story I linked to not too long ago where that redneck so-called pastor called those Ugandan hotel workers the N-word and straight up assaulted one of the employees. Unlike that story, we have Chinese businessmen doing some illegal mining, get called out on their criminal activity, and now these investors act like petulant children by attacking the local politicians. At least these Ugandans fought back and are going to throw charges at them. They need to punish these businessmen and make an example of their devilry. Show them who’s boss. They should kick them out of the country and say “you will not disrespect us here”. I would bet you money if some African did the same thing in China, you know they would be swift and harsh in punishing that individual.

Racism just makes me sick and not just because I’ve had to deal with it. These are people in power who think they can abuse whoever seems “lower” then them. Much like the racist pastor, these bigwigs are nothing but man-children and parasites. People just need to grow up and respect others regardless of their skin color.

These videos are courtesy of The Advise Show

9 thoughts on “More Racist Crap Afflicts Africa (Kenya and Uganda [once again])

  1. I agree with you. The only thing I would do differently is make the Chinese officials / workers that started fighting and disrespecting the local authority to serve their sentence in a local jail, then deport them. If they just get deported they will not serve any punishment for their unacceptable behavior. Racism is wrong and demeaning no matter what they country. Hugs

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    • Thank you very much, Angela! I know I’ve only been posting news stories recently and this blog was mainly for my spoken word/avant-garde project, but this was a nice addition that I’m glad to have done. I don’t want to be a clueless blogger who’s insensitive to major issues like so many people out there. Someone like me shouldn’t be limited to just focusing on my music/spoken word stuff on here, my fiction as C. M. B. Bell, my film/anime/doc reviews on Iridium Eye, or anything else. I’m glad there are people like you who legitimately care about important issues.

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      • Thank you, I do care. You’re absolutely right that a man of your talent should never be limited in focus.

        When I started on WP most blogs were about personal stuff. Today I see many more blogs tackling thorny political, human rights and racial issues. Some even reporting breaking news.

        Btw, today I got an email that your books arrived and are available. Can’t wait to read as my list of books to read gets longer. I need a schedule. Curtis, how do you manage your schedule?

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      • You’re welcome, and I know you do care. Thanks for the encouragement and I definitely don’t want to limit myself on my blogging prowess or in other media.

        That makes sense. I saw a ton of blogs that talked about only personal things or hobbies before I got these current blogs that I manage. It has been interesting how people have been gravitating to human rights, racism, and political issues. I don’t agree with all of them and some are SJW fodder, but the ones who cover those topics in the right ways get respect in my book.

        Awesome! They just came out yesterday and I hope that you enjoy these books. I still have more to be released before the year ends like the one big series I’ve worked on since 2014. Good question about schedules. Without going into too much detail, my working schedule is variable but with many hours. However, I do devote certain days to post things on my blogs.

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