What a soft sentencing, but I’m not surprised.

I literally just found out about this news story from Anchorage, AK, and I was so angered by what I saw/heard, that I just have to talk about it.

You’ve got this demon named Justin Schneider who kidnapped a woman, choked her out, and masturbated over her incapacitated body. You would think that he’d be serving decades in jail, right? Right? RIGHT?!

Oh, wait. That never happened despite all the incriminating evidence.

Schneider’s punishment for his heinous crime is a 2 year sentence with one year suspended? Why? Because apparently his time under house arrest with an ankle tacker was enough to shorten that sentence, so he got to be with his wife and kids. Also, he DOESN’T have to register as a sex offender since they didn’t count his act of masturbation as sexual assault on his victim.

So is this guy divorced? I’m sure any woman with a modicum of intelligence and dignity would leave him. Just saying.

Okay, where are the feminists and the #MeToo crowd on this one? Hold on…all I hear is the symphony of crickets, wind, and tumbleweed about this particular issue. You’re all hypocrites and activists of convenience here.

As Phil from The Advise Show mentioned in the video, Black people don’t have that kind of treatment whenever they commit similar or even lesser crimes than this degenerate. Don’t even give me that “rich privilege” crap here. Schneider was working as a traffic controller at an airport, so I doubt he’d be making Bill Cosby money with that job. I’m sick of all this hypocrisy about sex crimes let alone how certain people get treated by the justice system. If you treat everyone equally when they do these heinous acts, then good on you and you’re a rarity in this world. If not, then shame on you for having selective outrage on who is accused of these vices. For those of you who are in the Anchorage area who happened to read my post: vote this judge out! We can’t have people in the legal and judicial system giving carte blanche to violent criminals just because of their skin color. Come on, do you really think someone who’s Black, Latino, Middle-Eastern, or any non-Caucasian ethnic group would get the same treatment if they did the exact thing as Schneider? If you think so, then you’re way too delusional. I’m just calling it as it is here. I wish there was fairness in the justice system, but I guess it’s too much to ask.

This video is courtesy of The Advise Show

10 thoughts on “What a soft sentencing, but I’m not surprised.

  1. Yeah, I had heard about this one only because I saw a tweet about it from someone I followed. Other than that, not much coverage news-wise. I guess everyone is more focused on the Kavanaugh stuff, which makes sense buuuuuuuuuuuut this is still a PRETTY HUGE deal. He even admitted to doing it! He plead guilty, and still didn’t get in trouble! And people wonder why most victims don’t report sexual assault, smh.

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    • Gotcha. It’s good you’re aware of this story. That’s a legit point with the Kavanagh fiasco given how high-profile that case is, but I seriously haven’t heard any other source so far talking about Schneider. EXACTLY! How is it that there are people in jail right now serving sentences far longer for far less assuming they actually did the crimes themselves?! I also despise the double standards about the coverage of sexual assault/harassment in the mainstream media (the Nate Parker false rape accusation makes my blood boil for example). It doesn’t even help that many media bigwigs have funded #TimesUp (Spielberg, JJ Abrams, and Ari Emmanuel [a talent agency mogul] to name a few) probably did it for immunity after Weinstein got caught.

      I feel horrible for all the victims who never get justice and/or are too frightened to tell their stories.

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  2. Reblogged this on Failure to Listen and commented:
    US justice is not blind. It is hypocritical and racist with violent white men getting little or no time for serious crimes. If violence is on the rise, it could be that the most violent criminals are not going to jail but back to their community to try again and this time not be caught.

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      • The disparity in justice is putrid. It’s been that way since the colonizers occupied the country. Do you realize throughout history white people have knowingly falsely convicted black people for the crimes of whites?

        My son told me in elementary school when a teacher blamed him for something when everyone in the class including the teacher knew he didn’t do it. What does that do to a kid? I never understood why he kept saying I didn’t do it when asked about something where there was no blame.

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      • Precisely. It’s no wonder that anthropomorphized lady called justice wears a blindfold. How disturbingly poetic. I certainly know and it sadly hasn’t changed. Don’t get me started on that harpy who lied about Emmett Till…

        That situation has happened to me when I was in school, too. It may or may not be part of the reason why I struggle with a guilt complex let alone apologizing for things I don’t need to.

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      • Wow! It happened to you too tells me it’s cultural and these teachers know the harm they do. They get us in every way because of our heavy dependence on them. Time is running out we need total independence. Meaning we can spend a day out and only support black owned businesses without any need for our purchasing power to go to those who despise or oppress us.

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      • Yup and your son is not alone. Even at previous jobs, some people have blown something out of proportion. I’ve been researching various businesses like some independent record labels which I discovered through Bandcamp, reputable news sources, and even Enda who are a Kenyan shoe/athletic wear company. It’s group economics and everybody does it except the diaspora especially in America. If anyone respects me as a customer and human being, then I’ll gladly support them. If not, then expect a boycott. Out of curiosity, ever thought about doing something like having donations for your blog or making some side money with any creative projects or anything?

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      • I am trying to figure out ways to monetize my blog so I can focus on another project that would create a communication infrastructure for communities of color. An infrastructure that would help inform policies that impact communities of color.

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      • That’s great and I really hope you can find a way to make it work. Maybe you can figure out something here or use a program such as Patreon or Ko-fi to help with funding here and there. An infrastructure to help those communities would be very helpful.

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