Q & A: Your Answers! (All 3 of them)

Here are my answers from my Iridium Eye Q & A!

Iridium Eye Reviews

I waited long enough, but here’s my end of the bargain. This is where I get to respond to these questions and promote whoever bothered to ask them in the first place.

1. “What do you look for in a series when you are looking for something to watch?”- Scott from Mechanical Anime Reviews

Good question, Scott. This question obviously involves anime since I do cover that topic on this blog. When it comes to things I haven’t re-watched on Iridium Eye, I look for a few things. I tend to see if it’s from a creator I know first. Besides that, I tend to look for things such as originality, interesting characters, and a subject that will get me somewhat engaged. Sure, I’ve gone into a bunch of anime and movies blind, so I don’t become tainted by other reviews or hearing what the fanbase says. Sometimes it has…

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