So a woman threw a huge rock at a cop and lived to tell about it? The double standards are strong in this one.

I just found this news story that infuriated me, but it only proves the point that many others and I have been saying for years.

In this video, this woman is resisting arrest by these policeman, picks up a huge rock, and throws it at one of the officers. Amazingly enough, none of these LEOs drew their guns at her. Sure, they do get a taser briefly, but they don’t resort to lethal force despite her committing attempted assault/murder.

This begs the most obvious question. How would she be treated if she was Black?

There’s an obvious hypocrisy going on as certain people get treated better than others whenever they are confronted by police. I would bet you money, if she was African-American, she would’ve been shot before she would have a chance to chuck that rock at anyone. Those policemen would’ve had every right to draw their guns since she did attack them, but they were so restrained in dealing with her.

I really like Phil Scott’s commentary about this situation as he really destroys so many arguments against this situation by all those people in denial.

Video courtesy of The Advise Show.

6 thoughts on “So a woman threw a huge rock at a cop and lived to tell about it? The double standards are strong in this one.

  1. Unfortunately he is very correct. I live in North Fort Myers , the next town over from Cape Coral. There is a segment of the population in this area that is still racist , even though they claim they are not. They just feel the white and black race are very different and the black people are inferior. They way they talk about these things drives me nuts because they think they are doing it in a non-racist way. They compare things that are not comparable without looking at the full picture and then say it proves that white are just naturally better. These racist tend not to use big words because they don’t seem to know many. I wish I could say it is changing but far too often the older bigots pass it on to their kids and grandkids. Hugs

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    • Oh, wow! I didn’t realize how close to home this case was to where you live. It’s just sad that some people still think that way. I had an experience in Jacksonville years ago where one person who hosted a friend and I for choir tour (we did a tour of the Southern states including multiple spots in FL), and I thought he was cool since he let us play Tekken 3 on his PlayStation, but he then asked me if I was an American citizen and not my Caucasian friend sitting next to me the next day. I told him I was and he asked me if my parents were which was also true. That really rubbed me the wrong way.

      I do agree that some overt racists tend to have a low vocabulary, but I will also say that the richer and more educated ones tend to use dog whistle terms or talk in roundabout ways which I’ve learned from experience. Bigotry can be like an inheritance going down from generation to generation, so I see that logic there.

      Thank you, Scottie.

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      • Good early morning. I simply wanted to say I am sorry you have experienced racism especially in such an off handed way that makes it seem normal and tries to hide just how nasty racism is.

        You are correct in your assessment of the richer educated racist. Years ago we lived next door to an older white man who sang professionally and was involved in all the upper society stuff. He rubbed elbows as they say with some of the powerful people in West Palm Beach. He also was a staunch deeply racist who really was a big part of the active bigotry race hating groups. He would help his friend put out the most horrible bigoted news flyer of three or four pages. They stereotypes they printed and pushed about black people and others not white, was so over the top it was hard to understand. He kept trying to give us the flyers and we kept telling him we did not like them and we did not hold those views, but he kept trying to convince us. We moved from there after only year and half because we did not like the jerks in the neighborhood and on the home owners association. This is how bigoted they were. As Halloween approached we got a letter from the association. The wanted us to know that the neighborhood celebrated Halloween one night early from the actual night. The reason for this was the next neighborhood over had a large non-white population. The letter came right out and stated that the association ( meaning the white neighbors ) felt that the “others” were coming to our streets and unfairly robbing us of candy. All because they only wanted to give candy to white kids. Ron and I were so angry, but we got revenge. We went all out decorating our yard and home. Then we held Halloween for both nights. We made a party of it. There was no reason for such bigotry and racism as the association showed. The other neighborhood was just as nice as ours was, just as well kept up. Driving up and down the streets you couldn’t have told a difference between the two areas. I had never personally seen such official attempt to deny equal treatment based on race. I still get angry over. These were kids, they only wanted some candy. They were no threat, they were not hoodlums and thugs, they were no problem. Yet it was done in the open and officially. Needless to say because of what we did we were not welcome ourselves. So we sold the home, and moved to a better area where that problem did seem to exist.

        I hope some day racism, bigotry, and hate will die and be something all people are horrified by. Let it be a thing of the past. Hugs

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      • Thank you so much for your comment and I think it’s amazing how much empathy you have.

        I’m sorry you had to deal with that bigoted jerk who just happened to have all these connections. I will say your peaceful vengeance with the Halloween stuff sounded awesome. Big props for you showing dignity and respect to all those trick or treaters. There needs to be more people like you willing to do that to make sure no one is shunned.

        That’s something I wish, too.

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