Kyriakos and the United Omniversal Alliance Synposis

Here’s another upcoming cell phone novel from the Hollanduscosm dropping 2/28 for only 99 cents!

C. M. B. Bell's Writing Universe

kyriakos and the united omniversal alliance

So many universes exist out there and there’s an organization to deal with so many dimensions. It’s the United Omniversal Alliance. They are a coalition of several universes and planets in an unknown portion of the multiverse. One agent who has his own unit is Kyriakos Teignmouth. He’s from Earth and he leads a team called the Iolite Sentinel Regiment which deals with rescuing people lost from multiple dimensions. Kyriakos received the biggest job of his career as he hears that the population of a certain city by the name of Hollandus Landing. Him and his two main officers Delia Mendez a dragon summoner and a materialization specialist named Rinzelle “Awen” Akisia are on the case to help rescue people from that Wisconsinite city.

This cell phone novel is part of the Hollanduscosm.

Pre-order Kyriakos and the United Omniversal Alliance here!

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