Saturday Sample Chapter: Novus Pride

Here is the intro to Novus Pride! This and 4 other books will be released this Thursday for 99 cents!

C. M. B. Bell's Writing Universe

novus pride
[Chapter 1 Part I]

So many souls were thrust into the multiverse on that fateful day in Hollandus Landing, Wisconsin.

The population was scattered in a diaspora concocted by those cursed Exomoon bombs around the city.

 This fury knew no bounds as these souls traveled against their will to foreign planets and dimensions with this unstable dimensional energy inside those explosives.

 While there were less fatalities than anticipated, it certainly didn’t help that the scattering went to so many unknown locales to the average earthling.

[Chapter 2 Part II]

As some of those souls would enter into a myriad of dimensions and several other planets, this tale deals with the planet known as Kaqquru Firmament. While it looks similar to earth in regards to landmass and an abundance of water, it’s certainly less polluted than this current earth.

 Instead of fossil fuels, halogens, or even nuclear energy, the most common…

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