Alabama teens want Black people in concentration camps. How despicable!

[Warning: Video contains strong language, racial slurs, and genocidal waxing]

It’s just another day in America and it involves a story that’s more common than you think.

In Birmingham, AL, some stupid teens from Spain Park High School decide to video a conversation where they want all Black people to die in concentration camps. Do I even need to say how sick that is even as a joke?

America has been racist long before 45 was in office and it’s starting to be much more overt. While I do agree that The South is more overt about racism, it can be upfront sometimes in the North, too. Trust me, I’ve been called racial slurs on BOTH sides of the Mason-Dixon line, even though he is right about Yankees being more coded with bigotry (and this is coming from a Midwesterner).

Phil was also right about biracial people (in this case, those who are Black/White mixed) being seen as non-White. Trust me, I’ve had my wake-up call on that matter when I was much younger and a lot less conscious about these intricate matters. I seriously doubt they’ll get punished so severely, but they totally deserve it.

I’d also like to add one point in that video by saying that Black people have been in concentration camps before. The most obvious ones to me are The Devil’s Punchbowl in Natchez, MS which happened not long after the Civil War and Shark Island in Namibia. The latter was carried out by Germany’s 2nd Reich and some of those same people would also be indirectly and directly involved in the Holocaust, too. I actually talk about this matter when I reviewed the Namibian Genocide & The Second Reich documentary on Iridium Eye if you want more details on that matter.

Seriously, those teenagers are evil and I know that they know better. I would bet you money that if some Black kids were talking about doing they same thing to their Caucasian counterparts, you know they would be expelled and possibly jailed for a video like that. No one should ever have to go through genocide, and it sickens me how people make jokes about ethnic groups who’ve faced it.

Video courtesy of Advise Show Media.

10 thoughts on “Alabama teens want Black people in concentration camps. How despicable!

  1. Hello Ospreyshire. I want to thank you for this post. I had not known of the two concentration camps you mentioned. I looked them up and am horrified again at how brutal humans can be toward each other.

    These kids seem to have no empathy at all for the feelings and sufferings of others. I am sure they wouldn’t wish those things on themselves yet they think it is OK for “others”. That is a learned behavior, and I wonder where they learned it. Such behavior has to be reinforced or it loses potency. It is not like they are not exposed to kids who are POC and their parents / families. So they are getting this somewhere. I admit I like to think kids are the salvation of our nation. I hate to think of kids as bigots. However the resurgence of WS / WN and evangelical / fundamentalist Christianity the increase in open bigotry and discrimination is rampant.

    I am sorry you have had to experience the hateful side of humanity. I do hope things get better for all those targeted by hate and for harm. I really do not know what to do about parents who are teaching kids this shit , nor what to do with the kids themselves. I wonder if they really understand what they are saying? Would education help? Would forced time spent with those they mock and belittle? I just don’t know. Hugs

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  2. You’re welcome, Scottie. I’m glad you checked out this post. Don’t feel bad about not knowing. I didn’t know about The Devil’s Punchbowl until about a couple of years ago or the Namibian Genocide until last year when I heard that Namibia started to sue Germany. It’s sickening how much they don’t talk about in the history books. Thank you for being open-minded and wanting to have equality for everyone.

    Exactly! You’re spot on when it comes to it being a learned behavior. It’s not like they just said something accidentally insensitive. There was easily pre-meditated thoughts and something they would’ve learned from family members and other friends. Birmingham has a considerable Black population, so they would’ve seen many people of that complexion multiple times in their lives. It’s sad when kids talk about these things so openly.

    Thank you and I wish it was never the case for me or anyone else. I still wonder what would be the best solution. One thing I know you do is to call out this evil behavior, and I hope you can forward some of the information I told you and/or anyone else to others in real life like those examples I mentioned. Regardless if they accept the facts or not, they’ll listen to you.

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  3. What do you expect from white people in the south? To be open and have compassion for other colors and groups? And the behavior is learned from their parents who also opposed black people going to school in the 60s. I left Mississippi years ago for Cleveland, Ohio after I graduated high school and never returned. I have lived in England, Germany and traveled around the world since. I have white friends from around the world and trust me when I tell you this. White Americans from the South are a special case to be studied, indeed. I don’t meet to many southerns here in Germany but that’s a good thing. They should keep their perverted racism there and not spread it. I grew up with them so I know them very well. They can’t help it.

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    • I have definitely noticed these things in the South. There was a time in Jacksonville, Florida where someone questioned if I was a US Citizen even though I was born here. He would’ve never said that if my complexion was lighter. I have a few Caucasian relatives from West Virginia (one of them recently moved to Georgia) and they talked about how awkward it is being there since they don’t associate with whatever hardcore racist rednecks are there. I’m sorry to hear about your experience in MS as it’s not surprising. It’s great that you were able to travel around the world. While you’re right about how overtly racist the South can be, I also thought about what Malcolm X said about racism in America: If you’re south of Canada, you’re still in the South. Even as a Yankee, I certainly dealt with both covert and overt bigotry up here. There have even been times where I’d see cars and trucks with the Confederate Flag in my home state.

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  4. Reblogged this on Scotties Toy Box and commented:
    I am reblogging this grand post in the hopes it helps to stop bigotry and advances education. I had to google The Devil’s Punchbowl and Shark Island in Namibia and I am horrified at the inhumanity of each of these. It is worse because most of us are not taught about them. That in it self is a form of discrimination. Hugs

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    • Thanks for the reblog. It’s amazing how you’re willing to be educated and willing to educate others to help out humanity as a whole. You’re spot on about what the history books and/or school doesn’t teach being a form of discrimination. One of the final steps of oppression is denial and that step needs to be broken as people start researching things for themselves.

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      • Hello Ospreyshire. Thank you. I feel learning is a wonderful thing, and by learning about the abuses of the past maybe we can find a way not only to not repeat them, but to correct the damage done by the abuse. I am reminded of the Texas state education board trying to wash slavery out of the history text books by calling them low paid workers or indentured servants. I though it a silly attempt by white supremacists until I heard the Virginia Governor Ralph Northam say the “…black people brought here as indentured servants…” in an interview with Gale King. Hugs

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      • Sorry for letting this comment slip by. Anyways, you’re right about how people can and should learn about the abuses, so we can avoid those atrocities in the future. I’ve certainly heard about what’s been going on in Texas and other states with how they’re downplaying slavery so much (as if it wasn’t downplayed enough in the current textbooks, but I digress). I remember that quote from Ralph Northam which is a huge shame not just because his home state was a huge slavery enclave long before the American Revolution, but he’s equating what Black people went through to what the Irish immigrants went though. Indentured servitude is not even close to slavery and people like him should really know better.

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