An Apartheid agent confesses to using AIDS and other diseases as genocide against Africans

Humanity can so demonic and this story only strengthens my belief on that matter.

There’s a new documentary called Cold Case Hammarskjold that’s been making the rounds in Sundance and other film festivals. One scene shows a confession from a White South African officer named Alexander Jones (not to be confused with that Infowars dummy) who fessed up that he and others put diseases across South Africa and other parts of the continent.

This is far too sickening and some of these following quotes should disturb you.

“Black people have got no rights, they need medical treatment. There is a white ‘philanthropist’ coming in and saying, ‘You know, I will open up these clinics and I will treat you.’ And meantime [he is] actually the wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

“We were at war. Black people in South Africa were the enemy…”

I’m beyond enraged at hearing this story and anyone with a shred of decency should be furious, too. The Africans have never done that to their European and American counterparts. I’m glad this news is coming out to expose how those diseases really got there in the first place. This depopulation agenda is quite infuriating, but the sad part is I see people even in 2019 that would cheer this devil. They even mention Rhodesia (the country now known as Zimbabwe) which only adds fuel to the fire when those people wanted a White ethnostate in Africa. Keep in mind this is the same former country where Dylann Roof repped the flag of that nation mixed with the Apartheid-era South Africa flag and the Confederate flag in those pictures.

Maybe in addition to wanting an ethnostate with their germ warfare, they would probably want to wipe out a country to let the animals survive and name it Pride Rock. What, did that Disney potshot offend you more than this genocidal campaign? Yes, I’ve been on a bash-fest against that movie, but some things make you wonder…

Seriously, I’m so fed up about the diaspora and people on the African continent being demonized, derogated, and killed just because of their skin color and heritage. I could never in my heart of hearts do the kind of things these colonizers did even on my worst days. It’s been changing my worldview on so many levels and I’m tired of how apathetic or callous people are. I’m not just someone who talks about my music, books, or my reviews, you know. There are important things I care about.

2 thoughts on “An Apartheid agent confesses to using AIDS and other diseases as genocide against Africans

  1. Hello Ospreyshire. I am stunned. I know that individual people can be horrible, but to think a whole government program to degrade, harm, and kill others just because of their skin is beyond my understanding. Then I remember those things happened here in the US and they were / are officially sponsored by the government. It was not that long ago they found out the federal government was conducting medical experiments on POC and even flooding some areas with harmful drugs. We have prisons for profit and detention centers for kids we rip from their parents with no care for the damage that does. We claim to be against human trafficking yet the government is giving these children to Christian adoption agencies to sell, making a profit off doing so, even while they are under court order to return these children to the parents. I wonder why we humans think we are the most advanced , most noble of the animals? I think we are far from that. Hugs

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    • Hello, Scottie. I don’t blame you for feeling that way. It wasn’t a new thing on this earth with human experimentation programs and I had theories about depopulation programs in Africa, but this only confirms so many suspicions. Thank you for having empathy about this situation as Apartheid was far worse than that the media mentioned. You’re right about these various experiments (Tuskegee first comes to mind) and with the War on Drugs affecting the Black community. What a sad and atrocious display of depravity by canceling the rights of human beings. Thank you for bringing up the point about human trafficking and the hypocrisy about mishandling the children. Speaking about adoption agencies, Ethiopia just last year banned anyone besides Ethiopians from adopting their children after they caught wind of cases involving poor excuses of parents in America and Europe abusing and even killing these children. Humanity may be more intelligent than other animals, but they are certainly more brutal and creative in their depravity as morbid as it sounds.

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