Creativity is tough and other ailments

Been a while since I did an opinion piece that wasn’t reliant on news stories. Sure, I talked about fandom hypocrisy or how wanting originality makes me a bad guy to some people’s eyes, but I will talk about something else.

As Ospreyshire, I haven’t been active in poetry or recording my spoken word projects as much as I would like. While I will record something which I can’t talk about what, it is rough for me as I’m so uninspired to come up with another EP or possibly a full-length album. I thought I would’ve done so much more, but work, other creative projects, and other life events took more priority in my life.

I’m not going to say it’s all bad creatively since I’ve been on a literary grind and I’m stoked to try Camp NaNoWriMo which I haven’t done in 2 years. I just released 6 books which I feel happy about.

Now let’s get to the bad news.

I’ve become so disillusioned with so many things. I won’t go into the more personal details of my life, but there are many things that cause me so much frustration. Some of the news stories I’ve talked about recently have angered me to know end. While I’m glad people are being exposed and some individuals are speaking out against it, I wonder if this could cause a domino effect for justice to reign. A different aspect involves people’s general apathy to the world around them. I don’t want to sound like an SJW, but I feel like so many people don’t care or secretly agree with the bad things happening around them just so they can stay secure. It’s also caused me to enjoy things less such as most movies and anime. No offense to my fellow bloggers who cover those topics since this isn’t about you, but it is hard for me to ignore tragedies or researching things I wasn’t taught back when I was in school. Look, I’m not a moral guardian or some perfect person. Let me get that straight. Maybe it’s a mix of getting older, more jaded, and becoming more aware of the world around me that’s causing me to fall away from certain things.

We’ll see what the future holds…

3 thoughts on “Creativity is tough and other ailments

  1. I get it, it can be hard to have enjoyment when the world seems to burn around you. I guess part of how I cope is losing myself a bit in TV shows. It is also the frustration of what TO do, I mean I could write another facebook post and that gets lost in the void. Being in the middle of nowhere doesn’t give me the freedom to go to marches or the capital. It just sucks. The thing I’m striving more to do is trying to stop the ignorance from spreading and sadly most misinformation comes from my very own family. It just seems like a losing battle…

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    • Thanks for understanding. I’ve had my own frustration and internalized anger about various things even if some of them aren’t pressing issues like life in general. I share a similar kind of frustration despite not being in the middle of nowhere. Sure, I do raise awareness about various issues on this blog as I’ve been doing more often as of recently, but I know it can only go so far. Sorry to hear about misinformation spreading in your own family.

      Although in much better news, I made a post on Iridium Eye as a little experiment. I made a Top 7 list of anime villains who are underrated in my opinion if you want to check it out. You might appreciate it.

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