4 thoughts on “Untitled Estonian Haiku

    • Sure thing. Apparently it’s a newer form which has been around since 2009. I looked up the history of the Estonian Haiku and found out it was invented by an Estonian writer named Asko Kunnap. The format is a 4/6/4 syllabic structure in case you were wondering. Granted, Estonians have written haiku in their native language, Finnish, Russian, and English before, but I guess this format flows well with the Estonian language, I assume. That and giving that country a poetic identity.

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      • Thanks, Moya! It certainly is fascinating. Good question if America has one. There have certainly been lots of poets who came from here such as Langston Hughes, Ezra Pound, and Maya Angelou to name a few. I can see some identities such as African-American poetry, Beat poetry, and Slam poetry coming from here.


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