11 thoughts on “Travailing Haiku

      • Finally, some of us are waking to the truth. No longer are we striving to be like pale faces and to be eternally deceived by them. We are great just as we are! They don’t like that we r now look at them critically and not mindlessly with admiration to emulate.

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      • It’s been a huge process that’s been going on for me the past few years. It wasn’t until recently where I felt comfortable with who I am and wanted to learn more about my culture which I didn’t know about. I certainly agree that we’ve been lied to our whole lives. There’s certainly an aspect of racist lies affecting me, but it wasn’t just the only reason. Part of it is reality playing itself out knowing that the “lessons” in so many stories don’t work in real life. Some of that I realized when I was younger, but the more subtle things I’ve been noticing in my adulthood.

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      • You got it. Most of my working life, I’ve worked multiple jobs at a time. I had two student jobs back in college and I STILL had to pay student loans. Thankfully, I was able to pay them off years ago, but that certainly wasn’t fun.

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      • Exactly. Meritocracy is a myth and I wish more people would realize it. If it were true with how much I’ve worked, got educated with a Bachelor’s Degree and additional certification, and my employment ethic, I would be making much more than what I am now. Maybe not being a millionaire, but maybe upper-middle class.

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      • The college scandal was confirmation that meritocracy is pure BS. Curtis, you’re not alone. Most Black people feel the same. We are struggling to get by, degree or no degree.

        In retrospect, given my looks when I was younger I should have been on the hunt for a successful man. I remember being told to use my looks to get what I wanted. I didn’t follow the advice. Even if I got divorced, I would have been in a much better place than I am now. Studying hard, going to good schools and being a doctor turned out to be wasted time when I should have been looking for a successful man to share his life and wealth. Women like Melania Trump were the smart ones.

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      • You’re certainly right about that. I hope people don’t look at Full House the same way again (sorry, I had to make that joke given who was involved). Back to being serious here, I know we’ve struggled in our different fields and walks of life.

        Oh, wow. I’m really sorry to hear that. Those are the same kind of messages they teach girls in Disney movies, yet they tell them that in real life, too? Wow…just, wow. It’s like the media teaches people to be shallow to get what they want in life.


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