Forgiving Myself is Hard

I’m the patron saint and the heir of perfectionism
One mistake and I collapse
Sorrow drowns me with more gallons than an ocean
I can’t lie about my anxiety
Everything needed to stand on a solid rock
While I mistaken that for well-packed sand

I wish I was perfect
No one would criticize me
I wouldn’t need to forgive myself even when others forgive me
Because that would be unnecessary

I hate that I make mistakes

10 thoughts on “Forgiving Myself is Hard

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  2. Thanks for sharing! Very interesting.

    I was reading a recent article. It made mention, When it comes to forgiveness, even good friends sometimes struggle. At times, people break off long-standing friendships because they find it too hard to extend forgiveness. Jehovah God is not like that.
    In fact, the Bible invites all sincere ones to ask for his forgiveness “ for he will forgive in a large way – Isaiah 55:6,7

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