Update: The Dows are FINALLY arrested! #PreyingMissionaries


What’s this? A child predator is FINALLY facing a courtroom for his crimes? I couldn’t believe it!

For those of you don’t know, Gregory Hayes Dow and Mary Rose Dow are so-called missionaries who opened up an orphanage in Bomet, Kenya. For almost a decade, they didn’t give the kids any love or safety. They would torture, sexually abuse, starve out, and even kill children in their compound. Also, Gregory was a registered sex offender who molested his own daughter from his previous marriage prior to going to Kenya. This was documented in the Kenyan documentary Preying Missionaries which you can watch on YouTube for free legally.

I’ve talked about this issue before. 

I’m glad people are finally going after the Dows. It’s high time that justice came knocking on their doors. We arrest and execute people who’ve done less in this country assuming if they actually committed crimes. I hope they get the maximum sentence in locking them up for the rest of their days. America, this is your chance to do the right thing. This isn’t The Central Park Five. These devils were found dead to rights for their rampant abuse. These pedophiles need to suffer.

Again, where’s #MeToo and #TimesUp at?

Seriously, I can’t stand how all those innocent children were mistreated beyond belief or having more people who want to bash Africa.

8 thoughts on “Update: The Dows are FINALLY arrested! #PreyingMissionaries

    • I know, right? That and those same people harp on Bill Cosby all day, but lose their judgmental mojo once they see a sexual predator with the complexion for the protection and connection in similar situations. Funny how people are getting quiet about that Epstein scumbag.

      Same here. I wept when I first saw the Preying Missionaries documentary.


    • THANK YOU! I know it’s still early in the proprietorial stage, but I’m glad charges are actually being pressed. However, I’m going to keep following the case. Anything less than decades in jail is a miscarriage of justice. In America, we have people serving 25 to life for non violent drug offenses, but you have murderers and rapists getting lenient sentences or getting punished with the latest trend…10 years probation with no jail time. You wonder why so many people with their heads on straight have been calling this the injustice system.

      You actually saw the documentary or heard about that news story before?


      • Yes… I read about this news story before.
        Thanks for opening my eyes to the injustice in the justice system… how can someone with non violent drug offense get 25 years in jail while a murderer and rapist get 10 years probation with no jail time? That is just outrageous, for lack of better word.

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      • Good on you for knowing that story. This should’ve blown up way bigger, but people were so focused on R. Kelly close to the time this story broke. I’m glad it went viral in Kenya and there was a petition going on for it.

        No problem, Dr. Y. The American (in)justice system is totally color coded and not prioritized. The non violent drug offense aspect dates back to the Nixon administration with The War on Drugs where drugs were flooded in Black communities just so the cops could lock them up wholesale. Fast forward to the Clinton administration where the 1994 crime bill was signed which lead to even more incarceration. There were people locked up for stealing a piece of pizza because that was their “3rd strike” in that law. Both Democrats and Republicans were responsible for the prison industrial complex. Speaking of drugs, it’s hypocritical that the authorities are soft on opioid addicts because of which communities use them the most (HINT: It’s NOT Black people!).

        You’re absolutely right that it’s outrageous how rapists and murderers get treated better than drug users or even petty thieves in this country. I’m sure other nations would shake their heads if they knew about everything that went on here as certain people get behind bars for non violent reasons assuming if they did anything at all because of the color of their skin.


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