Over 5000 views!

This was certainly unexpected. As of now, I have over 5000 views on the Ospreyshire blog. Wow! Thanks to anyone who actually bothered to view things from it!

I know the whole identity aspect hasn’t been the best since I’ve made posts with multiple subjects other than what was intended, but I’m glad there are people who actually check out my content on here. Whether it’s my poems, music, news commentary, or opinion pieces, it’s good that people actually want to read my stuff, I guess.

Thank you.

11 thoughts on “Over 5000 views!

    • I see. Thanks for relating and for encouraging me, Shelby. I really appreciate it. I know I sidestepped more than once when it came to the original intent of Ospreyshire, but I want to be sure I want to go back to that reason while also still being me by talking about issues I care about and posting poetry on here.

      Thank you!

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      • Ospreyshire, you’re doing fine. Not only have I posted poetry, my blog has actually morphed into much more than poetry. Many people have told me that I am making a difference regardless of whether I believe it or not. You will make a difference with your poetry and with your commentary on what moves you. Just go with the flow. Whatever motivates you, just go with it. Don’t hold back.


      • Thanks. I’m just doing my best. I’m glad to have discovered your blog. You’ve influenced me to be more open with my anger and frustration in a healthy way while still not compromising my honesty. It’s great hearing that people have been telling you that you’ve been making a difference in people’s lives. I can tell that you care about so many things.

        Thank you and I certainly hope so. Granted, I’ve got 4 blogs on here to contain my multiple disciplines, and I hope they work in their own ways, too. I’ll do my best not to hold back, Shelby.


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