Disney and Beyonce need to stop giving me carte blanche to rant about that stupid rip-off movie franchise and how they rip off stuff again (or CAN YOU FEEL THE HEIST TONIIIIIGHT?)

I’m sorry. I seriously didn’t expect to make a rant involving the best-selling piece of plagiarism in movie history. Okay, I did get a smile on my face how that remake has been getting negative reviews, but I still get frustrated with their fans defending the indefensible.

However, recent situations and discoveries are only proving me right more and more!

Let’s recap on what The Lion King has stolen thus far:

1: Kimba the White Lion. ‘Nuff said.

2: Trademarking the phrase “Hakuna Matata” which is totally cultural appropriation.

3: Withholding royalties from the late South African songwriter Solomon Linda for his song “Mbube” which was plagiarized into “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”. He died penniless and his heirs sued a licensing company and Disney for not giving credit to Mr. Linda and for the royalties which they wouldn’t get until 2006.

Then came a 4th reason and this one involves a music video, the most famous Destiny’s Child member, and a lesser-known South African musician of Congolese and Angolan descent.

So, Beyonce came out with the new music video for “Spirit” which is a song for The Lion King remake. It features imagery of a desert and people wearing blue and red traditional African clothing. Wouldn’t it be crazy if the imagery copied a long-form music video that came out last year? Oh…that actually happened.

Petite Noir is the originator in this story. He made a short film/long-form music video for his “La Maison Noir” EP. I’ve checked out his music and it’s really good. I bought his EP on Bandcamp not just because I liked the music video or his music, but to support a real artist who doesn’t steal from others. He even self-directed his own music video. Want to know the subtitle of it? The Gift and the Curse. HAHAHAHA! Get it? Because that Beyonce vanity project…I mean companion soundtrack is called The Lion King: The Gift! Wow, shame on Beyonce, director Jake Nava, and Disney for stealing someone else’s art. I hope Petite Noir lawyers up and sues all those parties involved.

Disney and Nala…I mean, Beyonce are only proving me right even more that this franchise is a legacy built on artistic larceny. First, Japan, then multiple Swahili-speaking countries, and South Africa TWICE now?! They really have no shame.

I really didn’t want to do a post bashing this movie franchise again, but it was deserved.

Now if you excuse me, I’m going to rock out to Petite Noir’s EP at the moment. Dear Beyhive, your so-called goddess isn’t infallible whether she got Mickey Mouse money or not. Disney fans, your favorite company isn’t innocent.

9 thoughts on “Disney and Beyonce need to stop giving me carte blanche to rant about that stupid rip-off movie franchise and how they rip off stuff again (or CAN YOU FEEL THE HEIST TONIIIIIGHT?)

  1. Beyonce’s copying of African music, and themes is nothing new… and it is very prominent in the American music industry. It’s like Shakira stealing “waka waka Africa (this time for Africa)” from Cameroonian singing group Zangalewa,… and then shamelessly claiming during an interview that the words for the song came to her as she was sitting by a river or something like that! And she paid no royalties to that group!
    Lastly, I, too, was not happy with the latest Lion King… all the same songs… why not just keep Heather Headley’s rendition?

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    • I’m certainly aware about copying the music and in this case a music video. Shakira ripped off a Cameroonian band and never paid royalties let alone giving credit? WOW! Thank you for educating me about that matter. Now, I have to check the original. I bet you she wouldn’t feel the same if a Cameroonian musician ripped off a Colombian one, that’s for dang sure.

      Gotcha. I wasn’t going to see that remake anyway. I heard how bad the new version was from multiple reviews. It’s not even a live action remake because there are no human characters! Not going to lie, I was furious when I found out that Chiwetel Ejiofor was going to play Scar last year since I don’t buy him playing a villain like that for multiple reasons and also because it’s wasted talent on his part. Funny enough, I do find it fascinating that The Lion’s Share Netflix documentary about Solomon Linda and Kimba the White Lion are trending recently after the remake came out.

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      • I will definitely check out “The Lion’s Share”, too. That would be something I know I would want to review on my Iridium Eye blog. I would really want to know the story of the Linda family and how they got justice against Disney and that one licensing company.

        It was interesting watching Kimba a few years ago and making all the connections with both lion stories. Even though the animation is old-school and I wish they could’ve done better with some of the humans (although definitely improved from the original manga from what I know), there was a surprising amount of depth with that show covering topics such as the cycle of vengeance, the environment, genocide, and even discrimination.

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    • It was a shock to me on Beyonce’s end of the video. The song itself wasn’t stolen, but rather the music video imagery. I know she and her director knows better, and it’s just disappointing that it happened. She can certainly sing and dance which I don’t dispute, but why would she be involved with this controversy?

      It sounded like I may have only blamed her, but that wasn’t the case. Disney had to know what was going on and they are such hypocrites. They can and have sued people for infringing on their characters, but they can straight up rip-off so many things from Kimba to “create” The Lion King or take royalties from a dead South African musician with “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”. It’s just infuriating.

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      • Disney controls the narrative and means to share that narrative widely. It amazes me that an entertainment company that caters to children would employ predatory and bullying tactics. Then we wonder why children become bullies, or adults feel entitled to steal the work of others.

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      • That’s unfortunately true given how huge that company is. Even with the obvious evidence, they still don’t own up to things.

        Yeah, it shows a huge contrast between their movies and animated projects aimed at kids and the reality that the adults do behind the scenes for Disney. You certainly made me think about the bullying aspect even more after that comment. Thank you!

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