Pathos Formula Wave is HERE!

My latest EP is now available for the public. This involves nine nonets of some of the angriest poems I’ve written as of recently. All the tracks involve my voice and acousmatics. No instruments here, everyone. Pathos Formula Wave: One Score of Rage is available at your price including free.

Track listing:

Nonet #1: A Friendship Becomes Astray
Nonet #2: Hate as a Trendy Endeavors
Nonet #3: Crimson Stained Flowers
Nonet #4: Abject Disrespect
Nonet #5: Dog Whistle Language Waltz
Nonet #6: Not Another Piece of Art Bashing a Jock (Oh, Wait. It is. Can You Not Read the Sarcasm?)
Nonet #7: Valleys of Endless Pretension (A Post-Rock Fanatic Satire)
Nonet #8: An Expose on a Feedback Loop
Nonet #9: One Score of Rage

8 thoughts on “Pathos Formula Wave is HERE!

  1. This is quite nice. Love “Hate as Trendy Endeavors” and “An Expose on a Feedback Loop”. I wish the backdrops could have been a bit more fleshed out, like Valleys of Endless Pretension could’ve been a full-fledged post-rock piece. Still, I’m glad you put this out.
    By the way, I went to your bandcamp and your Diletanttism​/​End of a Decade single is fantastic.

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    • Thanks, Rodrovich! I’m glad you checked out my EP! Thanks for letting me know about your favorite songs.

      I appreciate you giving me constructive criticism for my works. Not many people talk about my recordings. I would like to do a full-fledged post-rock piece at some point. Maybe it could be 8-10 minutes with tons of delay and dynamic changes. Haha!

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      • Thanks. I would like to try that. Of course it’s tough making a post-rock song with just vocals an acousmatics, but on my other stuff, I use instruments. Funny enough, I used to be a huge post-rock fan. There are some bands in that genre I still listen to like Lifestory: Monologue whom I’ve seen live a decade ago before they broke up. Unfortunately, some of the local bands in that genre were total pretentious jerks.

        Thanks. I’ll be talking about the concept over the next few weeks. I think it’s a very interesting one that I’ve put research into and it’s based on a topic I’m passionate about when it comes to creativity.

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