Inspiration for Pathos Formula Wave

I didn’t expect to get some attention for my new EP, but I appreciate those who’ve listened to it. If you haven’t then here it is.

I wanted to strip my sound down for this concept. This involved a restricted setting with the recording and writing process. For starters, every song had to be based on the same poetic format. In this case, I chose the nonet. That’s a nine line poem with nine syllables each. There are also nine songs on the EP, so one can say I went up to the nines, right?

The recording process is even more minimal than previous recordings I’ve done with my last EP, singles, and compilation contributions. I only used my voice and acousmatics for this one to see what sounds I can get or manipulate. Some of the found sounds are more obvious than others like using a bathtub in one example.

Besides the composition, I thought this EP was therapy for me. I have to be honest with all you readers. I have a lot of issues with internalizing my anger and sadness. A ton of people have enraged me for most of my lives. Most of them are people I haven’t done anything wrong to. I won’t name names, but the tracks involve people who’ve bullied me in the past, some racists who’ve given me hell, and former co-workers who questioned my worth while getting special treatment. This has been a long time coming. The times when I was open with my anger, people treat me like I’m Satan himself. Not to mention a lot of those same people never owned up to THEIR actions and wrongdoings which frustrates me more. You really want to get on my bad side? It’s when others don’t take responsibility for their words or actions when they do something hurtful. I was sick of hiding these feelings for years now and they manifested in spoken word form.

So what do you think? What was your favorite song on the album? What are your thoughts on how I created this EP?

Maybe this could lead to something good and that’s saying nothing about another album I’m writing and recording. Wink wink.

13 thoughts on “Inspiration for Pathos Formula Wave

  1. I like it because it is different from anything that I have ever heard and I can tell that your creativity is born from suffering.

    I could have listened all day to Osteopathic Mutation. I loved the beat and the rhythm. I also loved the funereal connotations of Incomplete Specters. I could listen to that one all day as well. And what you said about “fraudulent friends” in Verses Vs Anhedonia, I could most definitely relate. Also I thought that Nkama Mibale was out-of-this-world excellent. I am going to have to break my promise to not engage in capitalism and eventually buy some of your work. How I am going to do that, I don’t know because I don’t buy anything online.

    You would probably like another blogger I follow. Her name is Leslie Martel and she writes and produces her own music as well. And she is very good. She has even put one of my poems to music. It’s called, “The Rose Of Black Is Sacred,” by SWO8Blues. Here is the link. You musicians could probably collaborate. And Leslie even sells her music on iTunes. Something to think about, although she does live in Canada.

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    • Shelby, that’s such a meaningful compliment to me. I do my best to sound original and a lot of my poems let alone my other creative endeavors (fiction, photography, videography, and in some cases my own film reviews) have come from a place of past hurts. I’m glad you’ve noticed that.

      Really? Wow, that’s cool how you thought highly of my recordings. Making the acousmatics for a lot of them is really fun by turning every day mundane sounds into experimental soundscapes. I’m glad you relate to them. Nkama Mibale was the most fun recording anything so far. It was the first time using a thumb piano (I think it’s a mbira) as a lead instrument while also speaking Lingala as an homage to my recently discovered Congolese heritage. If you want to buy some of them, then that’s fine, but I won’t be offended if you download them for free. Totally up to you, Shelby.

      I actually follow Leslie/Swo8, too! Talk about a small (blogging) world. I just listened to that song, and I enjoyed it. The poem you wrote was really powerful and it worked well with the jazzy guitars and tasteful trap beats. It would be great to collaborate with her and other musicians. Thanks for exposing me to that song you both wrote.

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      • Ospreyshire, I would never take advantage of getting your work for free. You deserve that for your efforts, your creativity, your talent and your time. I will find a way to buy some of your music. I am ever the creative one as well.

        Keep on keeping on and believing in yourself. You seem like you are truly a unique individual and since you put up with me, that makes you even more unique. *wink*

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      • Wow, thank you. I wish more people thought that way since I do my best to buy other works whenever I have some extra money. That’s kind of you to say that. No need to rush. It’s good that you’re creative, too.

        Thank you very much, Shelby. I’m just doing my best with my blogs and creative works. Don’t worry about it in our previous conversations. You never bullied me and you never caused me to feel like I’m worthless as a human being.

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  2. Wow, that’s something! You have a rich and powerful voice. I like how it changes in different pieces to express the emotion behind your words. I can envision you on a stage enthralling the crowds. 🙂 But more importantly, I believe you’ve chosen a great way to express your feelings.

    And I full agree with the unfairness of this, “It’s when others don’t take responsibility for their words or actions when they do something hurtful.” The truth is people hurt us, we hurt people (whether intentional or not) but it is the failure to take responsibility of our actions that leaves a deep wound.

    Great work, and keep at it with your spoken word!

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    • Khaya, thanks for the compliment! I do my best to emote in different ways depending on the content of the poem. Funny you say that because I debated doing live shows with live instruments and acousmatics as pre-recorded backgrounds. Thank you very much.

      It’s good you’re seeing where I’m coming from. True that, Khaya.

      Thanks! I’ve been writing another album lately, too. Ever thought about doing spoken word stuff with your poems?

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