3 news cases I have to vent about: Mass Shootings, Cultural Appropriation, and Dehumanization

I wish I wasn’t physically sick today. Over the past few days, I’ve been hearing stories and I just get emotionally sick hearing about these. This world is too cruel and bigoted for it’s own good. I couldn’t just have 3 different posts going on.

1: The mass shootings in El Paso, TX and Dayton, OH

This should be quite obvious since this was big news over the weekend. I wasn’t shocked at what happened. So many people died in two different shootings in El Paso and Dayton by Patrick Crusius and Connor Betts respectively. It’s not surprising at all with who the suspects were and I’m frustrated by how well they treated. When I saw the video of Patrick Crusius being arrested, he was taken alive (OF COURSE!) by only 1 single cop. Apparently he wasn’t in fear of his live for someone who gunned down over 20 people and people have been treated worse for less nationwide let alone in Texas. Oh, I’ll get to that reason why I namedropped that state in particular. When I saw a different video from the African Diaspora News Channel (FKA The Advise Show). Phil talked about the El Paso shooting and said something that really hit me in just four words “Mass murderers have privilege”. Think about that for a minute. How many unarmed Black people get gunned down for far less by the police, yet White killers get taken alive and the cops suddenly don’t feel scared even if the suspect is armed? This is the Injustice system on full display.

2: #TrademarkWars Pt. III AKA Be Prepared…because Disney is suing people because of a foreign phrase!


I swear if that company keeps up with this madness, then I might as well call Ospreyshire’s Realm the Lion King Thievery Expose Blog. As you all know, Disney trademarked the phrase “Hakuna Matata” which sparked outrage on and off the African continent. There’s a petition still going on right now. You should already know my thoughts about this issue. I remember some people being in denial that Disney wouldn’t be stupid enough to sue people despite having legal fiat to do so. It was only a matter of time, but those people would be wrong and I was proven right. You see, Disney is suing a Chinese company for trying to trademark that Swahili phrase, but as “HakunaMatata” in their claim. Here’s more information about that story. Let’s break it down. An American company is suing a Chinese company over a phrase they didn’t invent from a language that isn’t spoken in either place. Now, China wants in on stealing African culture, too. For me, this is like America and China’s predatory business practices in Africa in microcosm. Just look at all the people being exploited by companies from both countries in the continent. You even have Chinese people beating up Ugandan politicians or murdering Namibian employees there and that’s the stuff I know about. I’m sure China wouldn’t like it if Disney trademarked a common phrase like “Xie xie” or “Ni hao” if they did something idiotic to promote the upcoming Mulan live-action remake, and everybody knows it. Lion King fans, I dare you to defend this and the other forms of theft.

#3: A leashed Black man…HOW SHAMEFUL!

Going back to Texas, there was a mentally ill Black man who was apprehended by two cops on horseback and leashed him! If it wasn’t for the cars and fashion, I would’ve thought I saw a real life scene from the 1800s, not 2019. The slave catcher imagery was beyond sick and this goes back to the first news story. You get accused of trespassing (allegedly), then you’ll have two cops leashing you up with horses, but if you slaughter people in the double digits, you get to be arrested with dignity by one cop! This is just beyond sick. I don’t want just an apology for their racist actions, I want those cops involved to be punished and for Donald Neely to sue the police department. America is so freaking bigoted. I’ve dealt with being discriminated firsthand here and that’s something some of you will never deal with in your lives. Name one white person in 2019 who was treated like Donald Neely. Exactly. I can’t ignore the mistreatment of others just because of their race and I hate how demonic people get softer treatment. I’m beyond infuriated as I recover from being sick.

I had to get these things off my chest. This dehumanization needs to stop.

9 thoughts on “3 news cases I have to vent about: Mass Shootings, Cultural Appropriation, and Dehumanization

  1. Hello Ospreyshire. I hope you are feeling better. I have never felt the discrimination you do / have as a POC in the US so I wont say I understand, but I will say I hope putting your post out there helps. I did not know you could trademark words of a language, that seems so stupid to me. I want to trade mark the word “and” and get paid every time someone uses it. I would be so … beaten and ridiculed as only wealthy corporations get to do that. Especially another countries languages, how would that even work, which countries laws do you go by? As for the Chinese thing you mentioned, I think I read that before on your blog, and I am still stunned how they get away with it. Why the local police do not step in I don’t understand. Sorry I don’t remember the details but I would think if a corporation moved into your town and violated your laws, the local police would explain it to them very quickly. Unless there is no rule of law in Uganda. As to the photo of the two mounted police with a POC leashed walking between them you have every right to be furious, as I am also. I posted on this. Those officers decided on doing this because they did not want to wait for a transport vehicle to come get Mr Donald Neely. That is the story the Chief gave but the truth is they knew dang well it would humiliate the man. I posted the Chiefs response in the comments section on the post I made, he says it was a trained thing that was OK, but bad judgement all things considered. He makes clear he has changed the policy but also makes clear he will not be punishing the officers. A disgusting situation that need to be addressed. Hugs

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    • Hey, Scottie.

      I’m still under the weather, but I’ve deal with much worse. It did feel cathartic getting this post out there especially with the things that went in my radar recently.

      I agree that trademarking can be stupid. It’s one thing if you trademark a company name or an original sentence (preferably in one’s own native tongue), but this issue involves a very common phrase that the Swahili-speaking parts of Africa have been saying since forever. I still don’t know how companies get away with it. I know I’m repeating myself from my first #TrademarkWars post, but you know everybody would freak out if some one trademarked a common foreign phrase like “C’est la vie” or “Que sara sara”. This cultural appropriation issue with Disney let alone all the other plagiarism issues associated with that movie is beyond annoying to me.

      Yeah, the Chinese aspect is quite concerning and I do remember talking about the Uganda example with that incident caught on video in addition to that bigoted pastor bullying that hotel worker. There’s got to be a rule of law in that country, but I wonder if Uganda has been affected by corruption.

      Good on you for posting about that issue, too. It is lazy as well as evil just to strap Donald Neely to the horses. Did they ever think about the obvious historical parallels that even children would be able to pick up on? It certainly was very bad judgment on that department. It’s a shame the officers are walking away scot-free in this mess. SMH.

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  2. I am still to the point of seething that I just don’t know where to begin. I can hardly keep a civil tongue in my head and that’s a fact.

    Six Black people were gunned down in Dayton, OH because they were Black and Donald Trump couldn’t even get the city right when he so-called issued his ‘condemnation’ of what went down. I’ve heard that his thoughts and prayers were with the people who were killed in TOLEDO. Seriously???!! Shows you how much he cares. He couldn’t even be bothered to get the city’s name right where nine people were gunned down by him since he helped set this mess in motion what with his racist rhetoric and obvious bigotry. Even Joe Biden couldn’t get the facts straight.

    Trump’s exact words. “May God bless the memory of those who perished in Toledo.” – Donald J. Trump


    And Joe Biden’s exact words were ““the tragic events in Houston today and also in Michigan the day before,”

    Biden not only got the city wrong in Texas, he missed the entire state of Ohio and called it “Michigan.” These politicians don’t give a damn about any of us and that should be plain to see. I am too through. Stick a fork in me, I am done.

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    • I certainly don’t blame you for feeling that way, Shelby.

      TOLEDO? Oh, WOW! I didn’t catch that speech, but how callous. At least get the city right or immediately correct yourself. Also, Dayton isn’t in Michigan and Houston isn’t near El Paso, Biden! I totally agree and you know things are insane when both Republicans and Democrats can’t get the names of the places right with these mass killings.

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  3. It’s all mentally and emotionally exhausting and debilitating, but rage joins the mix when you have asshats like Tucker Carlson making ridiculous statements on white supremacy and racism being hoaxes perpetrated by liberals and minorities.

    And people AGREE with him. *SMDH*

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  4. Curtis, I feel the same sickness witnessing the bigotry by law enforcement, the criminal system and the media. The coverage is sympathetic, being careful not to demonize these predatory animals for what they did. Wonder what would have happened if a Black cop made the arrest and felt threatened to the point of riddling
    this animal with bullets? Would his death be justified? Would the Black cop by the blue wall of silence and the criminal system?

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    • Thank you, and I know you would feel the same way. I saw a video that went into the Conner Betts situation in Dayton and people who know him have been changing the narrative on him because he was a bully with both a hit list and a “rape list”. Not only that, but he was in a death metal band with ultraviolent and misogynistic lyrics.

      Good point. I think if it was a Black cop who gunned down Conner Betts even though he’d totally be justified, he would be thrown in jail and make him the bad guy in the media. They’d turn him into another Mohammed Noor or those two cops in Louisiana who shot the boy as his father was driving away after hitting their squad car.

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