Trying to Erase My Ignorance

I wish I knew then what I knew now
Altering the past would’ve been a beautiful thing if it was feasible
I was never this genius that some people have told me
I’m still learning, yet I feel that I still don’t know enough
If I could have erased my ignorance
I could’ve had a better life
Bullies would be discredited
And none would dare challenge me again
I want to know and show I’m right
Where no one could argue against what I know

2 thoughts on “Trying to Erase My Ignorance

  1. I think many of us feel this way. I know I do. Oh, the things I would do differently if I could. The different paths I would have taken. To be able to do it all over again, if only that could happen. But tis not to be. And oh how I suffer for the choices that I have made. It seems as though they have all been wrong and I live with the consequences.

    Great poem!

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