Of Unknown Inventors and Innovators

My autodidactic mind was on full throttle
Once I dug into the search engines I could find
So many things of constructive and artistic value came to my eyes
Things such as computers, pacemakers, CCTV, and lesser-known types of music
Among so many other things
Gave me such an enlightenment
Although a lingering sense of frustration filled my mind

“Why didn’t I know about this person?
“How did I not know that about this invention or piece of art?”
“So and so plagiarized this?”
“This person couldn’t get a patent because of their race?”

Those questions flooded my mind once I did my full diligence in my research
I was surrounded by the legacy of innovators in different fields I had never heard of
That realization hit me with things I took for granted
I wanted to know more and do more
I want to be an innovator in my multiple disciplines
So much inspiration gave me a reason to keep on living and to keep creating

6 thoughts on “Of Unknown Inventors and Innovators

    • Thank you so much, Joanne! I had never heard of that quote, but that’s a good one. It’s amazing finding out about so many inventors and creators that I never heard of. It also saddens me when some of them get ripped off (some other bloggers can attest to some of my rants involving film plagiarism). Originality is something that enthralls me.

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    • Thanks, Khaya. I’ve been learning more and more on my own about so many inventors. That and I’ve known about certain things that were stolen which infuriates me. For example, the medical concept of inoculation was invented by an African-American slave named Onesimus who saved thousands of people from a smallpox outbreak in Boston in the 18th century. That’s something I didn’t know at school and I doubt medical students could recall that fact. There’s also a South African singer Solomon Linda who wrote the song “Mbube” which the Americans swindled the rights to that song and plagiarized it to become “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” decades ago. Linda died penniless and his surviving daughters tried to sue those who withheld the royalties.

      Any unknown inventors or innovators you know about?

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      • Sure and it was sad when someone told me about that case in a separate blog conversation how a bunch of us talked about the things a certain movie franchise stole from. There is so much plagiarism, it’s not even funny. I want to make my own works and if I base something on someone else’s work, then I will give credit.

        Okay, I was just curious. I’ve been finding a ton that have invented things people have taken for granted like blood banks, automatic elevator doors, and ironing boards to name a few.


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