Originality Isn’t Dead

Abuse quotes from Ecclesiastes
Piled upon excuses over excuses
Encouraging stealing and giving carte blanche
All show me how lazy and lacking in creativity these individuals are

I’m tired of robbers being rewarded
As they try to slaughter innovative ideas
They weren’t dead, but at worst…they were on life support

No one dares to try
It’s all about safe bets and still waters
In order to keep everything cloistered (as much as they wanted to be)
What ever happened to doing new things

Despite all the rampant copies
I know originality isn’t dead
Those who dare to implement innovations in all forms
Need to be known
I was guilty not appreciating everyday inventions from the unknowns
Even as some weren’t allowed to patent their creations because of their skin color

I have respect for the innovators
You can only rehash for so long

14 thoughts on “Originality Isn’t Dead

    • Good question. Funny enough, the first line of the poem directly refers to that particular quote. For starters, I think people misuse that quote/scripture to justify stealing or copying things. Those same people seem to forget about “Thous shall not steal.” Okay, I’ll stop with the Bible references here.

      Just because something supposedly has been done before, doesn’t mean there isn’t something new that will eventually “be done” if you will. Creation is crafting something out of nothing.

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      • Ooooohhhh wow what a wonderful perspective. So you think people are using that quote just to steal from others. I’ve never thought about it like that, but it does make a lot of sense! Thank you for the new perspective


      • Sure thing. It really annoys me about copycats in general and how some get really popular. Funny enough, one example from a separate article showed up in my “More from Ospreyshire’s Realm” section including one with a picture of an anime villain who literally has a Disney copycat. Hahaha! Besides that, I’ve been researching various inventors, artists, and innovators who’ve had their works stolen or how some couldn’t get patents because of their race like Benjamin Bradley or Henry Boyd for their inventions. In the words of the band The Ongoing Concept: “Don’t be the print of someone else’s painting.”

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      • Wow, it seems like you’re really into this copycat stuff. But it makes sense because it is the most unfair thing ever. Especially when artists are struggling to get their works out there and to make ends meet with their art. So it is very infuriating to know that people are stealing their work and getting more credit for it than they are.


      • I guess so. Hahaha! Originality really means a lot and I can go on about various plagiarism controversies across multiple fields (especially music and film).

        You’re right. It’s really not fair when so many underdog artists do their best to make something new only for someone else to take the credit. Whenever I do something that is clearly based on someone else’s work, I make sure to mention that person’s name like when I wrote “Sylvain: Serpent King” which is an adaptation based on an old French story called “The Green Serpent”. Sure, it’s public domain, but I still put Madame d’Aulnoy’s name in the credits section of the novella.

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