Am I Kind (Enough)?

I really do care
It’s a shame that some co-workers and friends
Told me I’m too nice
I guess there’s truth
Since I want to show respect to others and have humanity
But I’m not confrontational most of the time
Outside of life on my blogs

I want to show kindness to others
It’s a shame that I’ve been taken advantage of
As others equate kindness for weakness
From the times I do show my anger
I’m suddenly the bad guy and others are shocked

I can’t stand how my kindness never amounted to anything big
No matter how hard or how smart I work
Besides that, I wanted there to be equality
Despite the rampant injustice in the world
Whether it’s plagiarism issues or extrajudicial killings
It causes me to drop my kind demeanor

While I’m passionate about different topics
I wonder if I should give up that virtue
If that quality really was fruitful in spirit
(Sorry for getting theological a bit)
Part of me wants to act like a jerk to others
Or at the very least showing kindness to only those that deserve it (in my eyes)
Yet it’s really hard for me to bully and insult others

What good really is it to be kind when the people who run things are far from it to say the least?

13 thoughts on “Am I Kind (Enough)?

  1. Hello Ospreyshire. Your kindness did make a difference. Everyday to different people. For a while there were commercials that showed how an interaction with one person can set your mood and how you deal with the next person you meet. Think of it like this. That person you met and said a nice word too, helped out, were kind to, may have been struggling with a burden and your actions lightened that burden. Someone who feels bad about themselves might perk up at a genuine interest in them. Kindness is not weakness, it is a strength of self and a belief in yourself. Best wishes, keep up the grand work. Hugs

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  2. Being ‘nice’ seems like putting on a mask, a veneer, a social expectation or presumption. Being ‘kind’ seems a bit more genuine, but that is exactly what a con artist does to his* marks.
    And who would ever brag at doing random acts of *niceness* ?

    * his — mostly white, mostly male.

    Thanks for your kindness, ospreyshire.

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    • Sorry for equating being nice and kind with each other. There are times where I subconsciously do that without realizing the full implications. Kindness is more genuine which I agree with you about that. I hope me being honest with others shines through in my interactions and my posts. Thanks, Bill.

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      • Hello ospreyshire, I intended no criticism at all. As far as I know, the two can be used interchangeably. In 1937 Bertrand Russell an essay titled “Nice People.” I read it about 40 years ago and have since equated those “kind” of people as White persons. The final sentence of the essay: “Nice people have nasty minds.” Hope this clarifies it a bit.

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  3. ospreyshire, for what it’s worth, my advice is: keep it real and do and say what feels right in your heart. However, in this current climate, I would advise you to think more about your own principles than what others think about what you do or say.

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    • Will do. I do my best to be honest on this platform and in my offline life. I do know about a lot of my principles, but I do struggle sometimes with caring too much with what others think. It’s been a work in process, but I hope my honesty and resolve is seen on here.

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  4. Curtis, your poem got to me. I recall when I was younger just being annoyed because most thought me nice and I didn’t want to be nice because the world isn’t nice. It took a while to be comfortable with who I am. People do mistake kindness with weakness.

    Your kind words brightened my day. Sometime they gave me strength and motivation to continue. Don’t change who you are.

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    • Thanks, Angela. It is frustrating when people equate kindness for weakness. I’m glad you were able to be comfortable to be yourself.

      Thanks again and I’m glad to have inspired you. It’s great knowing that I was able to help in some small way. Sure, Angela.

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  5. Never stop being kind … you couldn’t if you tried, for it is part of who you are, is woven into the tapestry of your character. Never give up being passionate about such things as injustice and cruelty, for it is that passion that gives you purpose in life. Just keep being you … no need to overthink it, although a bit of soul-searching is good for us all from time to time. Lose your temper sometimes? Sure … who doesn’t? We’re human.

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