Lesotho Textile Workers Are Sexually Exploited #BoycottLevis #BoycottWrangler #BoycottTheChildrensPlace

Lesotho women making jeans for Levis and Wrangler forced to have sex with bosses to keep jobs

I found out about this story, and I’m beyond sickened. Here’s the gist of what’s going on. In the Southern African nation of Lesotho (pronounced Les-oo-too for those who’ve never heard of that small kingdom), there’s a textile factory where the workers make jeans for Levi’s Wrangler, and The Children’s Place. The women who work at said factory were forced to engage in sexual acts with the higher-ups with their managers and other higher-ups in order to keep their jobs. Not only that, but a Taiwanese company Nien Hsing Texile was in on this, too.

I keep repeating this, but this bears repeating. WHERE’S #METOO?

This is saddening how so many of these company owners are getting away with taking sexual advantage of all these women. They didn’t deserve this, and I know those monsters wouldn’t dare try this in America or Europe. You know what? I’ll even go one step farther and say they wouldn’t try it in India, Bangladesh, or China. Many of those factories have there own severe issues, but those workers are unlikely to be molested and raped like in the Lesotho factory. I hope these innocent women get justice against these American jean companies and that Taiwanese company.

24 thoughts on “Lesotho Textile Workers Are Sexually Exploited #BoycottLevis #BoycottWrangler #BoycottTheChildrensPlace

    • I agree that it’s sad. While I didn’t know that Lesotho was involved in the jean industry with these global brands, it is beyond shameful that these atrocities would go on. I really hope those women lawyer up and sue the pants (no pun intended) off their employers and make them face jail time.

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      • What I have found, when I tried to shine a light on such issues, is that if it isn’t in plain sight, or doesn’t directly affect people, they really don’t take much interest. Given all that is going on here and in the UK today, I can sort of understand that it takes a backseat, but in truth, it wouldn’t matter if everything were completely stable here … people have a problem finding much empathy for situations they can neither see nor relate to. Sad, but true.

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      • No no … I didn’t take it that way at all! No worries, my friend … I knew exactly what you meant. Before Trumpmania hit, I tried to do some of what you’re trying to do on my blog, but I was always disappointed, for it seemed that people just didn’t care. And then, along came Trump and we had enough problems here to keep me busy, so I largely let the rest go. Keep up the good work!!!

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      • Okay. I wanted to be sure. It’s good how you talked about those stories. I’ve felt the same way with some of the stories I’ve commented on over here. I don’t want to be just a blogger who talks about my music, poetry, my fiction, or my film/documentary/anime reviews. There are issues I care about and I feel the need to post these things regardless if my followers care about it or not. Thank you.

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      • Y’know … we all have niches, I think. Usually a main niche, and a couple of “sidelines”. For me, the main niche is obviously politics, but I find that on occasion I can also do a bit of humour. If we all wrote the same, it would be a boring world of blogdom, but it is the variety that is so awesome. Do what feels right to you …

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