Indoctrinated in Falsehoods

Traditions blurred so many lines in my life
I believed them without question
From so many people older and supposedly smarter than me
While I knew about morality and spirituality
I found out that I was exploited
Hijacked doctrines permeated in my brain
To the point where I thought I wasn’t good enough of a human being
(The fact I have melanin and some emotional issues only added to the paranoia)

Learning about (my) unlocked history opened my eyes
I knew the morality and spirituality was coded in
What I didn’t know was the appropriation and bastardization
Was greater than I could imagine
Doctrines for right living were perverted
Into institutionalized bigotry
Double standards in humanity
And the transformation into low key murder cults

I know everybody has their own beliefs
I do not wish to force my world view onto others
Regardless if they knew my beliefs or outlook or not
This journey of finding myself and my missing heritage
Lead to great discoveries
But also uncomfortable truths

Eza mokano ya Nzankomba…

10 thoughts on “Indoctrinated in Falsehoods

  1. Wow, a very moving poem. Thanks for sharing. In general I think I’m a spoiled person with a reeeally good life, but to some degree I understand these feelings. I was indoctrinated quite fiercely, growing up in a homeschool cult that subscribed to the Quiverfull Movement. It took me many long years to work through all the pain and difficulties that those negative beliefs left me with.

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    • Thank you, 7mononoke! It’s good you see some aspects of where I’m coming from despite us having different lives. I know about the Quiverfull Movement. The thing is I graduated from a Christian university and I knew some students who grew up with large families that subscribed to that belief. While I still talk to some of my friends from my Alma Mater, I felt awkward and I had bad experiences being bullied there when I thought I would avoid it like the other schools I went to during my childhood. I’m really sorry to hear about your experiences.

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