Music Spotlight: “Nyina W’abeza” by Intayoberana

I recently discovered this music/dance troupe not long after I reviewed the movie Munyurangabo. I decided to research some things about Rwanda after the fact like how the capital Kigali is one of the cleanest cities on the planet and what their music scene is like. This was really cool how it incorporated traditional rhythms alongside modern instrumentation while they sing in Kinyarwanda. The melodies were so sweet and very authentic. It’s been a while since I promoted other musicians, but this is one song I’ve been listening to recently. Check out Intayoberana!

14 thoughts on “Music Spotlight: “Nyina W’abeza” by Intayoberana

    • Thank you very much, Kreb! I’ve been on a huge African music kick for several months, but I wasn’t too familiar with Rwanda’s music. I was pleasantly impressed with their songs and I’ve seen some live videos that incorporate both singing and traditional dances. What kind of music are you into or have been listening to lately?


  1. I saw this group perform when I was in Kigali. It is very beautiful to watch indeed, and the dancers are very graceful!
    As a side note, the dance troupe has incorporated dances’ steps indigenous to Rwanda, while others have been added from other parts of Africa. It is a nice fusion!

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    • You did? Wow, I’m so jealous even though I only heard about them very recently. I saw some live videos of them and I certainly agree that they are graceful.

      I wondered about that, but it makes sense. That’s a great fusion while respecting multiple cultures. Out of curiosity, do you know what other African dances were used in addition to their traditional Rwandan dances?

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      • Yes… I saw them. It was very good.
        Unfortunately I cannot remember which other African dances were used in addition to their traditional Rwandan dances; this was information given to us by one of the ministry of Education representatives.


      • That must have been a really fun show. I’m a bit jealous already. Haha!

        That’s okay. I was just curious. A tasteful fusion of dances and dancing is certainly good. Do you know any other Rwandan troupes, singers, or bands?


      • I enjoy Israel Mbonyi… he is a gospel singer. He does very good music. I heard him while riding a local bus in Kigali, and asked the driver and passengers, and while lost in translation between Kinyarwanda, English, and French, they gave me his name. His music is quite soothing.

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