Art Theft: The Prelude

Thousands of artifacts crafted for millennia
Sculptures, masks, tools, canvases
All in their splendor
Become stolen by a multitude of colonizers
The information is coming out
Revealing that they never gave them back
When they do, it’s under a so-called loan
Why would anyone loan something to those it already belonged to?

Killmonger really was right in that regard in that museum
What gave them the right to loot the art?

2 thoughts on “Art Theft: The Prelude

    • Yes. Hahaha! What I can say is more of it won’t be there right away, but will be a part of something bigger I will announce after I deal with this current Ospreyshire project I’m dealing with. What I can say about this Art Theft business in the context of this poem and a few others is that it deals with a serious subject where African nations are suing multiple European nations for looting their art and not giving it back even to this day. However, the project which involves said Art Theft deals with much bigger things while having recurring themes.

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