The College Cheating Saga Continues! American and UK-based college/university students pay Kenyans to write their essays. (or, If entitled racist jerks insist Africans have low IQs, then why are they paying them to write essays for them?)

I found out about this story and all I can say is WOW! JUST, WOW!

In addition to the drama going on with Lori Laughlin and company in court with all of this college cheating going on, apparently there was a trend of college students in America and the United Kingdom at large where students have been caught paying Kenyans dirt cheap to write their papers for them. It’s not just undergrads, even graduate and PhD level students have gotten these Kenyans to write full-on theses and dissertations. Apparently, there are essay factories down in that country where these writers work twelve hour shifts while getting paid slave wages to write papers for the Americans and the UK. The latter has a brutal sense of irony when you consider that Kenya was a former British colony. Just saying.

You see, I went to a four year private university to get my Bachelor’s Degree. I got in on my own merits and did everything I could while working two campus jobs and I still graduated on time. I’ll let you in on a little secret during my tenure there. There were students who would fake their way in classes like reading only Cliff Notes or online summaries in the English/Literature courses I took without reading the full books, admitting to cheating in tests in classes I didn’t take with them, and those same people graduated while some are making more money than me. Well pardon me for being an honest student. I’m sorry to have a little thing called integrity to not steal, cheat, or plagiarize compared to those who claimed to have higher IQs than me.

So if I want to expose myself to plagiarized works involving Africa, I can either read some of these paid essays or watch The Lion King. SHOTS FIRED!!!

Seriously, shame on all of those students for plagiarizing their works and shame on that essay factory owner for being a part of this scandal. You wonder why I hate it when people steal and copy from others without crediting people? I bet you money these plagiarists are from far far richer families than mine (okay, I’ve been middle-class for a good portion of my life), and got away with it for years now, and have well-paying careers. Inexcusable! If honesty, integrity, and hard work were merited as much as the media lies to us, then I’d be a millionaire by now.

The video is property of African Diaspora News Channel. That’s more credit than these thieving douchebags will ever give for these paid-for essays.

32 thoughts on “The College Cheating Saga Continues! American and UK-based college/university students pay Kenyans to write their essays. (or, If entitled racist jerks insist Africans have low IQs, then why are they paying them to write essays for them?)

  1. Hello Ospreyshire. Congratulations on your education and for being true to what getting an education is about. It is sad that people who have the the opportunity to get a higher degree debase what they could get from it. On your point about bigots thinking skin color effects ability for learning , reasoning, or intelligence. Seems to me being growing up in a poor family, poor school district, or even what support systems are available are things that have documented proven effects on intelligence / education while skin color doesn’t. It is a shame that these people in Kenya have to do this work, I am sure they would rather be using their educations for something better. Be well. Hugs

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    • Thank you, Scottie. While I’m thankful to have graduated years ago, it was not fun paying student loans (I did pay them off though) and trying to find meaningful work especially since I graduated while the recession was running strong. I certainly agree when they totally don’t deserve it. It’s sad that bigots think that skin color affects intelligence. Those people will say Black people are inherently stupid, but they’ll try to avoid being called racists by talking about how smart Asians and Indians are for example. Schooling can certainly affect things. I’ve seen it firsthand as a student and when I used work as school faculty a while ago in different schools where I noticed a wealthier district have way more programs, classes, and materials than when I was in a poorer district. Skin color doesn’t equate intelligence which I’m glad you noticed. For me, I had to prove I had a modicum of intelligence in different areas.

      Yeah, seriously. If this writing company were doing something constructive like making textbooks or a publishing company while the workers are paid well, that would be one thing. The fact that it’s literally an essay sweatshop for cheating college students who pay them in pennies is just frustrating on so many levels. I know there are a bunch of educated people in Kenya let alone Africa, and those essay writers deserve better for their talents.

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  2. Whites have access to the movers and shakers, friends and relatives who know someone who knows powerful people who have access to even more powerful people. They know the shortcuts, and what they can get away with. The higher the level, the easier it is. The white supremacist *system* keeps it that way. I call it “self-whiteousness.”

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  3. As a very white person, we kind of are the worst aren’t we? Yeah, that really is the worst thing that could possibly happen. I’ve seen people cheat before or try to get other people to do their homework all over the higher education I got, but I’ve never seen it go this low before. 😦

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    • I know there are worse things than cheating, but it’s still something that shouldn’t be done and it really grinds my gears how these students have been getting away with it. The concept of essay factories are brand new to me and I wish these writers would do something with their talents that don’t involve dubious plots (the cheating, not the writing). This is pure insanity with paid for plagiarism and it’s one of those reasons why I can’t stand it when people take other’s work while never crediting the originators.

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      • It does indeed expose the whole house-of-cards system — the white student exploits a more-intelligent black person, turns in the plagiarized work, does the same thing in other courses, graduates on the backs of blacks, congratulates themselves on their cleverness. This is straight-out theft that keeps on robbing, hence must it be recognized as a profane *system*

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  4. Many moons ago I remember that many channels were sponsored by services who would write essays for you. That stopped once the companies hit the news and started to attract bad PR. You would think that people who use such services would struggle come exam time. Based on what you wrote it’s sad to hear that the cheats not only passed, but went on to make good money. When it comes to employment someone who can lie often gets ahead of the hard workers/smarter people.

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    • Oh, wow. I wasn’t aware about that, but that’s totally believable. Yeah, you would think so. I certainly can’t stand people cheating, stealing, lying, and faking their way to be successful. That’s something I’ve thought about for years. Was I just too honest to get a good job, then? Real talk, it’s hard for me to lie because people could see it in my face when I did so when I was a lot younger.

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    • Exactly, Angela. While this was a method I hadn’t heard of until I first heard of the story, it’s still bigotry in microcosm as well as it’s hypocritical. It frustrates me how I graduated college on my own merits, yet I’m not making as much money as those who cheated.

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      • It irks me too. Curtis, you’re gifted and talented. Don’t judge your success based on the perceptions of the prevailing culture.

        I started working out using this running app. I joined women clubs for runners and other ‘snow’ dominated clubs. Absolutely no engagement, no interaction. Then about a week ago I saw Black Runners Connect and joined. The difference was like day and night. I was welcomed. I felt apart of something. And they were helpful and inspiring too.

        We need more Black spaces where we can grow without the influence of privileged people “guiding us.” Do you know there is no Black Writers group on Medium? Join and let’s start one.

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      • Thanks, Angela. It’s something I’ve struggled with by comparing and contrasting myself with others.

        That’s amazing how you got connected with Black Runners Connect. I’m really happy that you were accepted and inspired by them. This is great news. Since you run, have you heard of a Kenyan company called Enda? They make shoes and athletic wear.

        Sure thing. There’s no such group on Medium? WHAAAT?! That’s crazy. I’ve debated about getting a Medium account for additional writing outside of my WordPress blogs, but now you’re giving me some reasons for opening an account due to that reason.

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      • Yeah, there isn’t. You can also get paid through a Medium partner program. I have never been curated. Since 2017 I made a whopping zero cents.

        You might do better than I did but the gatekeepers are a small group without transparency.

        I think we could create a great Black Writers group. I joined a few FB medium groups and as usual, I feel weird and alone when I ask questions. You know like an oddball who does not fit. I believe a Black Writers Group would provide a comfortable Black space to write, get feedback and discuss complicated issues that affect POC. The Black Runners Connect group was a real eye opener. I want a writing group that is as welcoming and helpful.

        The few FB Black Writers group seem to market their skills and not what I have in mind.

        Curtis how do I contact you privately?

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      • I didn’t know that about Medium. That’s something interesting. Maybe it could be a side hustle for my writing in addition to my fiction projects. I know the feeling about that since I feel like not enough people know about my books despite promoting them on here, too.

        Thanks for the heads up about Medium’s gatekeepers.

        I appreciate your confidence. Sorry to hear about your experiences with the writing groups. At least the Black Runners Connect group was a godsend. A writing group would be great.

        You can go to the contact button on the main page and shoot me an email from there.

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      • It does. I’d be curious to see how well you do as I the process lacks transparency.

        Today, I decided not to renew my Medium subscription next month.

        We can still start a dynamite Black Writing Group to support each other and form a communication network.

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      • I’ll still be a member only non-paying so I will have limited access. Recently, I watched Sarah Knight’s talk on, how not to give a F*ck. It’s a great talk. I want to be frugal with my f*ck dollars. Spend it on writing a book. If there is enough interest spend it working with a small team to create a Black Writers Network. We can talk about what that would look like. Would love to work with you because of your energy, talent and passion.


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