The saddest PSA I’ve ever seen in my life.

I’ve heard about this video that’s been making the rounds. I would like to give a shout-out to Jill Dennison for her post on this and related subjects.

Sandy Hook Promised dropped this video which is very timely and relevant since school started not too long ago. I won’t spoil what happens in the video, but let’s say it starts like a normal back-to-school supplies commercial before the content gets EXTREMELY deconstructive and inverted which would be an understatement. I remember seeing that Evan video last year, and this tops that video by far. This is the reality of America where kids have to deal with lockdown drills and by getting bulletproof backpacks or transparent backpacks for school.

Do you see students in Canada, Japan, or even Ethiopia having to worry about this in their day-to-day school lives?

I’m glad this video has been getting lots of attention as it is a mirror on our society in America. I hope the politicians on both political sides of the spectrum see this and do something about these atrocities.

Isn’t it a shame that these politicians would rather have their own children or grandchildren slaughtered than to curb mass shootings?

9 thoughts on “The saddest PSA I’ve ever seen in my life.

  1. Thanks so much for the shout out. Yes, it is a shame and a crying shame that some people value their guns more than their own children. I did a post a while back about a child who managed to “find” his parents’ gun (lying atop the nightstand) and accidentally shot his brother. The parents were told that either they get rid of their guns or the children would be taken from them and put in foster care. Guess what? The children are in foster care, for the parents refused to give up their guns.

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    • Thank you, Scott. I’m happy that you care about this situation. Like you, I can’t stand how these mass shooters and White Supremacists are treated with kid gloves for their crimes. You know if some Black, Arab, or Latino guy pulled off something like that with a school shooting for example, then laws would be passed and there would be mass demonization in the media.

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  2. This is going to be one of my landmark “too long” comments. I feel compelled to warn you so you can skip it more easily!

    I really hate to talk about this topic. Powerful interests have leveraged this issue to drive a deep wedge between citizens in the US. It pains me to see people I grew up with under their influence. Those folks will desparate their fellow citizens without a second thought, and they don’t see the danger that represents.

    This is tough on me because I grew up with guns. I remember a cookie jar in my house filled with ammunition: 22 calibre bullets, 12 gauge shot gun shells, even 30/30 Winchester ammunition. I knew how to shoot before I could drive. Guns were tools, just like a hammer or a nail gun. And they were to be treated with the same respect.

    The most powerful weapon we had was a bolt-action Winchester rifle. We even naively called it a high-powered rifle. We used it to hunt ground hogs, because they could destroy acres of soybeans. That meant my family might go hungry, so we hunted them.

    But you know what?

    The idea that I should have a military grade weapon outside the context of the National Guard was ridiculous. It still it.

    There was never a time I thought it was cool or appropriate to carry a weapon in public.

    There was never a time I thought I needed a weapon to protect myself from the government.

    Even now, applying the entire feeble power of my intellect to the problem, it occurs to me that my right to bear arms wouldn’t protect me from a federal government that wanted me in a grave. Can you imagine? Let’s say I have a fully automatic AR-15. If the US federal government wanted me dead, I’ll never see the shot. They’ll either blast me with an air to surface missile, or they’ll assassinate me with chemicals. My hypothetical AR-15 is irrelevant to the conversation.

    The National Guard is the protection against federal troops. Though I’d argue the first line defense against US federal troops are the US federal troops themselves. They’re dedicated to a non-political mission. One of this administration’s most grave sins (among many — so, so many…) is naively trying to compromise that protection.

    Or what about trying to argue that I should have an AR-15 to protect other citizens from “bad guys?”

    Maybe trying to get all macho about what I’d do in a darkened theater if a “bad guy” start shooting?

    Think I can save the day with my side arm?

    Then I have some bad news. If I think that, I don’t understand fields of fire. I don’t understand the basics of situational awareness.

    If a “bad guy” has an automatic weapon in a theater, you’ve already lost. The only way to win that engagement is to change the conditions of the test.

    There’s a reason our military trains and trains and trains with firearms. There’s a reason our police force does the same. It’s freaking hard not to kill the wrong people.

    If anyone doesn’t understand that, I suggest that’s a clue that person cannot be trusted with a firearm.

    I would also suggest that if someone tries to argue any aspect of this topic with a slogan, you shouldn’t trust them with a firearm — or reward them with your attention. Guns don’t kill people — people kill people?

    No, a bullet fired from a gun does in fact kill people. Yeah, a person pulled the trigger, but a fully automatic gun sure does — effing! — kill people.

    How can any reasonable human being argue that a weapon designed to kill people doesn’t kill people? Reason stares…

    Enough people have died. The US is the only civilization nation that has this much blood on its hands. It’s past time to admit we have a problem. It’s past time to grow a pair and tackle the problem.

    The only difference between this problem and others we’ve already solved is that there are well-capitalized interests that want to see us kill each other.

    Why in the world would any American want to freaking hand the victory to an adversary? Just have we become? Isn’t it time we do better?

    I hope it’s not too much to ask that we reject their vision of us and come together to figure the best way forward.

    I should probably have mentioned I was carrying my portable soapbox…

    Anyway. Thanks for raising this issue. The PSA was powerful and appropriate. And I’ll do everything I know how to do to address the problem…

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    • You certainly have the record for longest comment posted on my blog, but in all seriousness I read the entirety of the comment and you had so many points going on about the subject at hand.

      I don’t blame you for hating this topic given how many bodies have been in the ground with mass shootings and school shootings. Those are the only major forms of mass violence that don’t get curbed or policed too harshly. How is it that these killers get taken alive most of the time while there are whose who never killed people get gunned down by the cops?

      I can’t stand how you have all these Chicken Littles freaking out that the government is going to take their guns away. Please. Do they know that they have more fatal weapons and have bombed other countries. Ask Japan, Iraq or Afghanistan about that. Shoot, they’ve even bombed American citizens on US soil. Just look at Black Wall Street. That happened before Pearl Harbor, and the people living in that part of Tulsa didn’t do anything to the aggressors!

      People want to act all big and bad because they have a gun, but it shows how insecure they really are. While I’m not against people owning a gun, I am against people stockpiling so many of them to arm a whole militia. That should raise a red flag with those ammosexuals.

      I’m glad you thought the PSA was powerful. It’s very relevant and shows the state of America right now. Your insight on the matter was great.

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