18th Century Ethiopian Crown to be Returned Home from Netherlands — African Heritage

This was a good news and had to be shared. Enjoy! It is from the BBC. ===== An 18th Century Ethiopian crown will finally be returned home after being hidden in a Dutch flat for 21 years. Ethiopian Sirak Asfaw, who fled to the Netherlands in the late 1970s, discovered the crown in the […]

via 18th Century Ethiopian Crown to be Returned Home from Netherlands — African Heritage

Thank you for sharing this news, Dr. Y.

I needed to hear a positive story given the nonstop depressing things going on here in America. I’m happy that Ethiopia is getting what’s there’s back. It’s a lovely crown and that country getting their diadem back is part of a spree of goodness that’s happened to them like the peace deal with Eritrea, getting a former emperor’s hair back from England, and for setting a new world record for planting trees.

This story made me smile when I was in tears the past few days.

12 thoughts on “18th Century Ethiopian Crown to be Returned Home from Netherlands — African Heritage

  1. The trillions of dollars of “added value” exacted from the massive continent of Africa undergird the former empires of Europe insist that the raped and plundered peoples of diverse cultures were benefactors of Western Civilization. Europe now decides that migrants from their former colonies would not bring “added value” to the vampires of Western Civilization — but to seek no return of the stolen goods. This return is a welcome exception. Here is a depiction that illustrates just how large Africa is:

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    • Yeah, seriously. You’re right on that, Bill. Europe was so predatory and parasitic in multiple ways. Just look at how France alone has siphoned off multiple nations through the West African and Central African Francs that go directly to France’s central bank!

      That is a great map and thanks for showing it. That map really puts things into perspective as to how gigantic the continent is.

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      • The Mercator projection makes every country near the equator look small, it makes middle-latitude countries appear much larger and makes the North Pole — a single point by definition — infinite in size. It was once *only* used as a chart for ocean-faring ships centuries ago, now it is everyday propaganda that instills lies everywhere and never questioned.

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