Something completely different…my attempt at cooking!

I thought I would make a post about something different from my usual posts. While I hope you’re not tired of my usual fare, I thought this could be unique.

The thing is I’ve been trying to improve in my culinary skills. I’m no Gordon Ramsey or Gaston Acurio, but I’ve been trying over the past year to cook.

Yesterday, I thought I would do something for dinner. I had some frozen hash browns, but I seasoned them with Zanzibar spices that are fair trade. I had scrambled eggs with avocados, extra sharp cheddar cheese, carrots, and Swahili spices also fairly traded. That gave it more African flair and I felt good making that. It also tasted delicious. See, I do some things outside of avant-garde music, film reviews, and poetry.

It’s fun expanding my horizons.

10 thoughts on “Something completely different…my attempt at cooking!

  1. Well, you are doing better than I am because every time I attempt to even steam vegetables, I am told that I should try out for “Worst Cooks In America.” Sigh! I give up! But sounds like your attempts to cook more are, dare I say, “panning out?” Good job!

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    • Thanks, Shelby! Feel free to give it a try. I’m certainly getting used to making food without being so reliant on a microwave. Don’t worry, we’ll be master chefs in due time. One other thing I felt proud of making was fufu when I researched Congolese and Cameroonian foods. That’s one foodstuff I should make again soon.

      Nice pun, Shelby! 😀

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