Unlikely Associations

When I expect flipped chairs and flame wars
I get blindsided by polite responses
I don’t try to start battles
Based on opinions
Yet I become suprised
When olive branches and doves fly around
Perhaps there was more tact than I anticipated
Showing civility despite my own strong opinions or uncomfortable truths
As people actually appreciate my thoughts and facts on various matters

2 thoughts on “Unlikely Associations

  1. I believe there is a civility among regular bloggers and their visitors you don’t find with the random stops or on other social media like Twitter. A relationship and level of trust has been established and even when opinions and beliefs differ greatly, the relationship is honored.

    No two people will agree on everything all the time, but intelligent discussion can lead to better understanding even when responses are emotional.

    It’s been my experience that the rabid trolls muddying posts actually aren’t grounded in true beliefs or facts. They’re just “you’re not like me so you’re wrong and I have the right to harass you.” Sadly, this mindset seems to be growing.

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    • That’s something I certainly noticed being on WordPress. I appreciate how civil most people are on this platform.

      That’s true. Even I get surprised by how well we can intelligently discuss different things.

      Right on and it is sadly the case on the internet as a whole.

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